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MyHAEverything’s Fanaccount!!! I tend to type a lot of ellipses so please forgive me in advance.

Youtube: carauy
Pictures: I only have one pic during the show before changing to completely video

Fellow ELF’s Note: Sorry if you guys might be jealous… Or if I sound like I’m trying to make you jealous… but please understand that while I write this… I am only human… And of course these are my observations so they tend towards what happened to me… I don’t mean to sound snobby. So… please read this with love for your fellow ELF and for Super Junior.

Warning: Might be Donghae-biased since I’m Donghae biased and actually spent most of my time looking for him… But I noticed some others things besides Donghae too although I missed a lot because as I said I was trying to look for him. But once you’re there… I’m sure I’m not the only one… but you tend to get confused as to who you should look at. I wanted to look at Donghae… but you know… when Siwon, Sungmin, Yesung, and Heechul are right in front of your eyes… less than 5 meters from you… You really change biases DURING the concert somehow… If you want have a perfect smile, one the first things that you need to do a get a wisdom teeth removal.

Oh! And I support Zhou Mi and Henry!!! SJ as 13 SJ Family as 15!!! But truthfully… I consider Zhou Mi and Henry as part of SJ already and I think the boys do to. Don’t bash me please… I think I understand where Only13 are coming from… but… I want to support Zhou Mi and Henry as individual people too… and because SJ can only give love to these two… So do I.


Patron/SVIP Standing (Standing Area: Left and Right), Lower Box/ SVIP Seated ( First Seated Area), Upper Box A?B? (Next areas to Lower Box before), Gen Ad (farthest area) [If I say Left or Right] I’m talking from the point of view of the audience.

Main Stage: The one furthest back

Front Center Stage: Nearest the Audience

Uhm… I’ll attach a picture although you might not understand as much… Sorry… There are better pics out there so… yeah… Was only using my cellphone…

Image Hosted by
By myhaeverything, shot with 5800 Xpres at 2010-04-10

Image Hosted by
By myhaeverything at 2010-04-10

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MY SJ Experience. MUST BE OPEN-MINDED TO READ!!! (For My Sj-World 404…sorta…)

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ST(ART) HERE Sketch-a-thon


The START HERE Sketch-a-thon is a free one-day drawing event open to everyone and anyone who wants to share drawings and doodles of hope, creation and rebuilding to inspire the survivors of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

It will be on November 15 (Sunday), at The Forum, 4th Floor, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, from 10am-7pm. Please drop in at the time that’s convenient for you!

All drawings made during the event will be scanned and posted here on the blog’s online exhibit.

Also, we have invited professional artists who have agreed to taking on commissions. All money gained from that will benefit the survivors.

We hope to see you there!

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Fine Arts


Many people on my YM list, including me, love putting their TTD list on their YM status. By looking at the amount of homework, and the type of work they have to do, I could guess their course.

Chemistry. Science Course. Compiling. Computer Science Course. Statistics. Management Course.

And of course [pun intended], my blockmates’ status messages.

“TTD: Book Design 0% , Postcard Design 0% , Ateneo Redesign Project 0%”

The day before the submission deadline.

Well, I may be exaggerating a bit, but I wouldn’t be far from the truth. It’s not something that one should be proud of, nor is everyone in fine arts like this. I’m just poking fun at myself for setting aside my final project for FA class for the whole week (although I was sick so I guess I have a slightly good excuse), and am now panicking to finish it before the semester ends, since I also want to redo a few of the past projects I submitted to get a better grade. Must get B+.

Keep Bleeding

Picture 2

This quote greatly describes how all my design projects, both for school and for orgs, affect me.

I made the quote into an avatar for my messenger client. :)

Automobiles and Me

I’ve been wondering how the interior of cars are designed. I have a feeling, it was designed with men in mind. How did I come to this, perhaps, biased conclusion? Well, it’s not really because the interior of a car doesn’t feel very feminine or anything like that, but because cars don’t seem to fit me in any way. I find that cars, and me, don’t go very well with each other.

Driving has always been quite uncomfortable for me. First of all, because I’m not too tall, and I do not have long legs, I always have to push my seat all the way forward when I drive. It was so much of a hassle when I used to drive because I was only practicing driving so we kept on switching turns — my driver and I, and thus we kept on having to adjust the seat. (I lost my student permit and haven’t had the chance to renew it for quite some time.) Second, I know it’s probably just me and maybe some other women, but I can’t seem to hit the pedals that well. (This is a very scary thought, is it not? >.<) Back when I was learning how to drive, I had a hard time pressing the clutch. Sure, I could push it all the way down, but it would require stretching my whole leg for it to reach it’s limit. Third, it was so hard to shift gears because of my seat position. Instead of the gear stick being within easy reach, my arm would have to stretch back more than necessary to shift properly. Fourth, I couldn’t turn around properly when backing up because I was too constricted by the seatbelt, also, I’m too small for the seat. Fifth, I also remember having to place a pillow under my butt so I could see over the dashboard more easily.

Actually, for me, the driver’s seat isn’t the only uncomfortable seat in the car. Even in the passenger seat, it’s so hard to have a nice ride home because of this tiny problem I encounter in the afternoons on my ride home with my boyfriend, and that is the sun visor. It’s so annoying! Maybe it is my fault for being too short or whatnot, but during the afternoons, while the sun is setting, that visor is absolutely useless for me. My boyfriend is actually quite surprised and amused that the visor is never able to protect me from the brightness of the sun except when the sun’s high up still. On a side note, it’s also so hard to get into a car if you’re wearing a dress, or when you’re wearing high heels and have to get in and out of a tall car like a CR-V or something (I’m sorry, I’m not knowledgeable with cars).

So these experiences got me wondering if I could have a car specially modified for me? I’d want a car that has taller pedals, smaller yet higher seats, and the gear stick next to wheel. (I have a friend with a van that was designed like this :) ) Also, it should have a lower visor. I wonder if they’ll ever make cars with women like me in mind?

*Please forgive my poor grammar and style of writing… I’m so sleepy atm and am a horrible writer…*

It’s not you… It’s me… Maybe? : Complaints about information unavailability

Hi blog! Miss me?

(Beginning of Rant)

Life is so hectic as usual, now that I’m in my junior year of college. At first, I didn’t really feel the whole “junior year is the worst year” thing because I’m not really in management or those usual courses so I thought it didn’t apply to us, but yeah — I haven’t really had a weekend or a night wherein I just bummed around for the past 3 weeks… or more… I no longer recall for my nights have turned to day, and the days have turned into endless nights of staying up late to work on my project which seems to take forever to finish.

I’m ranting, but there really isn’t much hatred in my words because I like my course. Really, I do, although it is a love-hate relationship thing. On one hand, its fun doing these things at first, although after working on a project for a long time, you tend to get bored with it. On the other hand, it gets really frustrating when you can make it look the way you want it to because of your lack of skill. I’m really confused with my course right now because I don’t think I’m doing too well, and I’m not really as skilled as my classmates although I’m trying to work as hard as I can, albeit I’m not doing my best. I also get really frustrated when I like a design I’ve made, and I’m satisfied with it, but everyone else thinks it suxs. I can’t seem to move forward from this point unless I start from scratch with a totally new idea.

(End of Rant)

(Start of actual reason why I made this post but still with a bit of ranting. Sorry bout that.)

So I’ve been working on redesigning a brand for my Visual Communication class. I picked my philosophy teacher’s home-based business, wherein she bakes and sells cupcakes, because her logo is horrible. (Sorry, Ma’am >.<, her cupcakes a really good though! Or so I’ve heard because I haven’t had the chance to order from her yet.) We’ve been assigned to redesign the logo, make a letterhead, business card, and place all of the above in a folder.

Now, I like making my life miserable and thinking of fun yet hard to do designs that involve things outside of my reach but within the bounds of reality. Like for example, when I redesigned my current business card for this same class, I wanted to have the letters of the text die-cut. Printers don’t die-cut for a single card, so I had to manually do it. Fee cut out one card, and I did the other, but I passed his since the cut was cleaner. It took a really long time since I chose a thick paper, and because the letters were small and were all curved. Damn my lack of foresight.

So once again, I have decided to make my life miserable by choosing a weird folder. I was looking for a folder die-line on the net and I found one and fell in love with it. It met my needs very well, but the problem is it was more complicated than a normal folder, and it had a lot of pockets. Long story short, I’ll need to print on a 27×26 inch sheet of paper, or something close to those dimensions. Now, I think it should be possible since the site where I downloaded the die-line was a printing press site, but I’m not so sure if they have it here in Manila, specifically, the printing press I go to which is Freeform Katipunan. (I should be given some kind of loyal customer discount along with the rest of my classmates since we seem to be going there every other week or something.)

(Here comes the actual topic)

Now, being the web-obsessed person that I am, I went to check online if they have a site wherein I can check what services they offer — I end up with nothing. Actually, I knew they didn’t have a website, but I was hoping nonetheless that I would find some information somewhere that would help me.

After this little bit of shallow inconvenience on my part, I realized how annoyed I was at businesses that do not have websites, or the information I’m looking for online. Maybe it’s just me being totally dependent on the world wide web for even the tiniest problem, but I really believe that all businesses should post all important information about themselves online for transparency and convenience. It’s not so hard really, and I don’t want to believe that I am the only person who thinks like this. I know the Philippines, is no U.S.A. but I think we’re advanced enough for the things I’m looking for. There are a lot of free website makers out there and even if the site is ugly, what’s more important is the information. (Although I’ll mind if the website is ugly :p)

Taking freeform for example, they’re supposed to be this good digital printing press which also offer graphic service, so I figured they would be just as technologically advanced as everyone else if not more, but they don’t have a website. Most Filipinos would create a multiply site, but freeform has nothing but some descriptions and a landline that no one was picking up when I called. I mean, I think that Freeform is more advanced than my teacher whom I’m making designs for, but even my teacher has a multiply site and a “” site! (Whatever thats for…) And it’s not only freeform I’m annoyed with but also other printing presses. I was looking for printing presses closer to home because it’s more convenient and I did find one along Wilson street which is very close to my home. However, I do not recall a printing press there because the shops along this road keep changing constantly and a lot of shops are not as prominent as others. They too did not have a website, but I was more forgiving since I figured I could just go there and ask them because it was near. I looked for an address, and I even found a google map locator for it, but I didn’t find what I was looking for which I don’t think was a lot to ask… All I was looking for was a picture of their store. I don’t think it’s that hard to take a picture of your store, and in a busy, and crowded place like Wilson street where there are a lot of buildings whose names we do not know, it would be more practical to post an image along with that locator instead of just telling us it’s located at whathisorhername building.

I don’t really know if I was asking too much, but I don’t think I was. Even with restaurants, it’s not so much of  a hassle to post your menu AND prices online right? I mean… I think there was a site for restaurants in the philippines to post their menu on…so what’s so hard about doing it right? I mean, I’ll bet that most Filipinos who have easy access to internet go online at least once a week, and I bet that these people I’ve mentioned go online at least once a week.

So now, I’m stuck with a semi-big problem because I’ll be going to freeform to have some of my stuff printed, but I’ll have to stay a bit longer than necessary as usual because I will probably need to do some last minute editing again because I’m not sure if they’ll be able to print my folder. If this is the case, I’ll probably ask them to print stickers which I will just stick to cartolina which will be what my folder will made of bec it’s the only semi-hard piece of paper I can think of which is large enough to find my folder (which even then I had to shrink).

Guilt-tripping Politics

I’m not interested in politics. In fact, I don’t even watch the news or even TV for that matter. Kinda weird considering I’m in a field that may lead into advertising one day. However, as we all know, the country has been placed in some sort of floating-time-freeze-kind-of-feeling due to the death of former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

I’ve been to EDSA II, but I didn’t really care about why was there. Actually, I went there because it was a ‘historic moment’ in time and I’d have some sort of bragging rights being there. But by watching the country, and perhaps even the world mourning over this one woman, is just so moving that I’m starting to care for this country, even if caring for a country, is not something I could fully comprehend or understand. I mean, how can you care for such a huge group of people you don’t even know, right? But just by watching TV, I feel like I’ve become closer to this country I’ve originally hated and actually still somewhat do (although my hatred is directed at the government and random Filipinos who dirty up the country literally). I suddenly realize how important it is to take care of your country and it’s people, even due to the selfish reason of wanting to protect and preserve your future, and the future of your family so that everyone would live a peaceful and not-so-harsh life. It’s really odd, downright annoying, and guilt-tripping that it has to take the death of a person, in order for us to realize our place in the world. I feel so guilty, that it is only during times like these, that I realize that I’m a Filipino, and that means so much more than being a person living on an island somewhere in South East Asia.

I may not have been born during the time of the Marcos regime, nor do I remember the time during Cory’s regime, but Cory presence is important to me, and will be important to all the Filipinos after me. I realized this during my philosophy teacher, PJ Mariano’s short sharing about Cory Aquino. She made me realize something that I never even thought about before – that a government isn’t all that bad, and there used to be a time where you could look up to a politician and realize how great he or she is and how helpful and important that person is to the country. I’ve always thought that all governments are corrupt, although I can’t understand why you would want to corrupt a government if you could make so much more money doing something else. Ma’am PJ said something to this effect, that it didn’t matter that Cory Aquino wasn’t the greatest president in the world, but she was really such a great symbol of sincerity, that you could actually look up to the politicians because you know they are good people.

It’s really sad, looking at the government now, and also the people (including myself), that the government is so untrustworthy, so corrupt, so self-centered that people no longer care for it. That even kids (according to Ma’am PJ) are aware that many government officials are just there to ‘steal’ money. According to Ma’am PJ, she said that she hears kids wanting to be senators because they’ll be rich that way. How sad is that? That the government, which is supposed to be a symbol of goodness, and selflessness, would corrupt kids so much that they want to be government officials because you can make a lot of money out of it?

It’s also sad, that the death of this great person, may lead in two directions, although the second one being more likely than the first. These two directions are: 1. That the government and the people will see the light, and live life trying to be better, trying to be good, and that the government will be pressured to live up to the standards Cory has set, so that the government will be good enough for its people. 2. That the government would pretend to live a life for the people, but in the end will fall back to it’s usual cycle of corruption and deceit, especially since we are getting closer to the elections.

You know, I just can’t imagine why people are so self-centered and corrupt. Don’t they get guilty, seeing all their fame and riches, and then looking at that poor, almost naked little girl on the street, knocking on windows trying to sell sampaguita? Don’t they feel any sense of remorse that because of their actions, it is most likely like their kid will be like them. Kids have a tendency to go “I wanna be like mommy!” or “I wanna be like daddy!”. Don’t they feel guilty that their kids want to be corrupt too? It’s just incomprehensible for me to think this way, although I am guilty for not really doing anything about it. I just can’t imagine stealing money without getting guilty that I’m doing it just to satisfy my selfish wants. Even if it’s to ‘steal’ money so that my kids will live an easy life, in the end, they’ll only end up being spoiled and harder to handle.

I just wanted to say these things, because I believe that it will become a reminder to myself that maybe there is still hope for this country and that I don’t have to leave because life will get better here. It will also be a reminder for me to stick to these thoughts, because as of the moment, I keep worrying about whether I’ll get a job in the future, or if I’ll be able to support myself. Life is more than just money, and I have to find that path to happiness without money being the center of it. I mean, if I can think this way, and keep thinking this way, and many more people will continue thinking this way, isn’t that good for our country? I mean, we are the future and if things go smoothly, then the future will be a bright one.

PS. Must find time to register for elections soon.

The Ateneo

I just need to rant a bit. I know it’s bad to think this way since I am paying a whole lot of money for this education, but Ateneo (University) is really harsh sometimes.

1. I think we’re the only school who did not have classes suspended during the A H1N1 outbreak because we were able to control it.
2. We also did not have a holiday when it was supposed to be the Jesuit’s anniversary. My brothers did not have classes that day to celebrate 150 years of Jesuit education, but the school where it started still continued class.
3. I am hoping there won’t be classes on monday, but apparently there is. My brothers once again do not have classes, and my friends from DLSU apparently don’t have class either.

I’m just quite upset since I have a lot of work to do for school, and it would be nice to have a break during those times when all the projects seem to pile up but no matter how I wish it so, it never comes. :(

Edit: Oh yey! No classes tom! No more emo. :D