Christmas Break

Wah! I haven’t been able to post since the start of the 2nd semester. We had so much work~ x.x;;; And now… ┬áit’s Christmas break! Although I haven’t been able to do shopping since we were working until the 2nd to the last day of class, thus I wasn’t able to give gifts to my friends :(. But work isn’t over yet… I still have to study Katakana because I feel like I’m lagging behind in class because Rudy-Sensei expects us to be familiar with it already. Then we have to work on our Psychology presentation… Then I have to study Eco since I don’t understand my prof. Not at all.

So my TTD for the Christmas Break would be: 1. Rest 2. Study Jap 3. Study Psych 4. Study Eco 5. Buy late gifts for people 6. Shop after the Christmas Rush because they usually have sales :D hahaha!

I’ve been thinking about what planner to get next year. I think I’ll be going with the Belle de Jour Planner because of the coupons.

Oh! And I might be selling ‘designer tumblers’ next year so what out for that! :D

I can’t think straight… Sleepy… Bye Bye for now. :)

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