Long time no blog! Anyways… a bit of an update on my blog. I have a Shelfari account! It’s so cool! I now have a list to keep track of the anime I watch, the manga I read, and now the books I have read! I didn’t put a lot though… like the Sweet Valley books I’ve read and such… It’s just too much of a hassle. But generally I really like the interface of Shelfari. It’s a bookshelf, and it can segregate your list into books I’m planning to read, books I’m reading, books I’ve read, and favourites, I own, and a wishlist. So it’s a good thing to keep track of what I’ve read as well as to see what other people have read so I have an idea on what I might want to read/buy next. I think I might put whatever review I come up with there as well. I’ll probably just copy and paste from here though.

So if you have a shelfari account, add me if I know you personally.

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