My course is a bit demanding even if I’m “just in Fine Arts”. I once went to sit in the Juniors’ graphic design class (I’m a sophomore) and overheard the teacher asking for a client list with a minimum of 3. I assume clients means paying clients. Working students isn’t a new thing and I do know that some of the Juniors and Seniors take commissions such as photography and motion design.

I honestly think I’m not that talented… but I think I’m better than some of those other graphic designers out there and have a fighting chance at small jobs. I do want to work… it’s just that there isn’t any available for me. I’m usually busy at school, and I can’t get a hand-on job. I need an online job. :(

I almost got a job… not sure if I got it yet but I’m thinking the worst possible scenario. I’m desperate… but I’m not that desperate though. There are just a lot of things I want to buy… which are mostly wants… but to some extent… I’ve been eyeing these things for a long time.

1. New laptop – My laptop is still okay and I just bought 4GB RAM over the Christmas break as a gift to myself because I really needed it for the things I do. My laptop still isn’t enough though. I wish I could play games but my Macbook can’t handle the good ones. I want to sell this one and buy the newer aluminum Macbook.

2. A digital camera – I’ve been thinking about buying my own camera since forever. I’ve already decided to buy a good point-and-shoot instead of an dSLR because those are too expensive for me, and I’m not going into professional photography anyways. Plus, I still want it as a video camera for those random moments and I don’t want to buy a separate video camera.

3. A DSlite – Sometimes… In fact most of the time… It’s really a hassle to bring a laptop to school. You have your readings, your books, etc. Then you have your laptop. Of course you don’t want to be spending your break studying all the time and I find myself getting restless at school. Sometimes I draw… but I’m not really good at that either so it’s embarrassing because most of my blockmates are really good at it. I could read a book… but I’m not the type that can sit still for a long time at school. (At home, I’m more patient) I’m shy… and a bit of a loner… but I’m the type of loner who needs to be doing something.

4. Clothes + Shoes – I really need a new wardrobe. I want replace a lot of my clothes because they’re either something I don’t want to wear because they’re so out of style already, or they’re made for cooler weather and it’s starting to become hot already.

Anyways… in case someone nice enough to hire me miraculously finds me… Please visit my DeviantArt Account for my Portfolio.

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