One by One

Ahh! Sophomore is almost over! I just had a hell day! It seemed like all the harder exams (except Psych101) was done today. I have been so overwhelmed by exams these past 3 days!

I can’t do anything about my economics class anymore, now that finals is over, except pray.

I’ve been telling myself these past few days to just take it slow and do things a little at a time, finishing projects and classes on at a time with the mantra “Tick Things Off Your Checklist, One by One”.

It was actually very helpful. It’s kind of weird hypnotizing myself to become a bit calmer. I’m relaxing a bit before the last stretch.

I’ve been getting myself addicted to Pet Society in Facebook. (I revived my Facebook due to peer pressure and sheer boredom) I’m hoping to make a porch/garden room, a living room, a kitchen/dining room, a bedroom, a tech room, a bathroom, a 2nd living room/library, a 2nd bedroom, and perhaps another bathroom. It’s quite hard considering my earnings to be about 1.5k per day, which won’t even cover the wallpaper I want. I needz more moolahz!

I’m less active in Plurk, although I try to plurk at least once or twice a day.

I’m also addicted to Vocaloids and am planning to make a vocaloid blog/mp3 and video database because I’m OC like that. XD If you’re interested in helping me, please check out Bel Canto Vocaloids.

I am getting interested in PVC figurines as well. I don’t have the money to immerse myself in the hobby, but they look really nice to collect don’t they. <3 Maybe a blogger can make a post like ‘Introduction to PVC figurine collecting’ or something. I’d really like that. :3

I’ve also been reading blogs, and design blogs/feeds as well. I’m really trying to improve my creativity although I haven’t had the time to put my ‘research’ into practice yet. Soon. Because of a school project. :)

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