Light in Darkness, Darkness in Light

Phew! Earth Hour was a bit stressing. I can’t stand being bored, and being away from my computer even for an hour! I’m an internet addict.

Although, for the most part of the hour, we were eating dinner in candlelight. It was quite hard because there was only one candle in the middle of the table, and you can barely see what you’re eating. A fly could probably land on your plate without you noticing it. But still… it was quite fun! We ate chilly that night, and boy was it hotz!

Candlelight Dinner

After dinner, I was trying to remember my Taichi routine due to boredom, and because I was hoping I could burn some fat off because even if I didn’t eat much, I felt quite bloated.

After that, I borrowed mom’s iPod and played a little Sally’s Salon. Before I knew it, Earth Hour was over!

I didn’t really feel the spirit of Earth Hour last night. I was a bit upset actually because mom kept mentioning that other places were participating actively in the event, but our street still seemed well-lit. I’m not quite sure though. My basis was that when I was turning off the lights upstairs, I could see our neighbors with their lights on. (Maybe they were just late? :/)

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