Automobiles and Me

I’ve been wondering how the interior of cars are designed. I have a feeling, it was designed with men in mind. How did I come to this, perhaps, biased conclusion? Well, it’s not really because the interior of a car doesn’t feel very feminine or anything like that, but because cars don’t seem to fit me in any way. I find that cars, and me, don’t go very well with each other.

Driving has always been quite uncomfortable for me. First of all, because I’m not too tall, and I do not have long legs, I always have to push my seat all the way forward when I drive. It was so much of a hassle when I used to drive because I was only practicing driving so we kept on switching turns — my driver and I, and thus we kept on having to adjust the seat. (I lost my student permit and haven’t had the chance to renew it for quite some time.) Second, I know it’s probably just me and maybe some other women, but I can’t seem to hit the pedals that well. (This is a very scary thought, is it not? >.<) Back when I was learning how to drive, I had a hard time pressing the clutch. Sure, I could push it all the way down, but it would require stretching my whole leg for it to reach it’s limit. Third, it was so hard to shift gears because of my seat position. Instead of the gear stick being within easy reach, my arm would have to stretch back more than necessary to shift properly. Fourth, I couldn’t turn around properly when backing up because I was too constricted by the seatbelt, also, I’m too small for the seat. Fifth, I also remember having to place a pillow under my butt so I could see over the dashboard more easily.

Actually, for me, the driver’s seat isn’t the only uncomfortable seat in the car. Even in the passenger seat, it’s so hard to have a nice ride home because of this tiny problem I encounter in the afternoons on my ride home with my boyfriend, and that is the sun visor. It’s so annoying! Maybe it is my fault for being too short or whatnot, but during the afternoons, while the sun is setting, that visor is absolutely useless for me. My boyfriend is actually quite surprised and amused that the visor is never able to protect me from the brightness of the sun except when the sun’s high up still. On a side note, it’s also so hard to get into a car if you’re wearing a dress, or when you’re wearing high heels and have to get in and out of a tall car like a CR-V or something (I’m sorry, I’m not knowledgeable with cars).

So these experiences got me wondering if I could have a car specially modified for me? I’d want a car that has taller pedals, smaller yet higher seats, and the gear stick next to wheel. (I have a friend with a van that was designed like this :) ) Also, it should have a lower visor. I wonder if they’ll ever make cars with women like me in mind?

*Please forgive my poor grammar and style of writing… I’m so sleepy atm and am a horrible writer…*

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