MY SJ Experience. MUST BE OPEN-MINDED TO READ!!! (For My Sj-World 404…sorta…)

I want to share my SuJu experience since I find just writing ‘hi’, a waste of space. :p

Also, I hate it how some people think that liking pop groups is baseless, and stupid. I want to say that I started liking Super Junior not for their faces, but because of their personality. It was their personality that made me them more handsome in my eyes. But even if I did just like them for their faces? What’s it to you, right? Its my eyes, and its my life.

(Warning: It’s really very long but it might be interesting. :) Sorry for my awful writing style and awful grammar. )

I first learned about Super Junior by discovering Heechul when my friend showed me videos of this Korean guy who was really pretty as a girl, about a year ago. But during this time, I only knew Heechul, and not Super Junior. I didn’t even know he was part of a group. I didn’t even know there was a group called Super Junior. I wasn’t extremely interested in this “Heechul” person at first glance then so I wasn’t able to learn about Super Junior a bit earlier.

Last late October, while riding the car on my way to school, I heard a really catchy song on the radio. It was the song “Sorry, Sorry”. It really caught my attention and once I got to school, I researched what this song was. It was quite hard since the only thing I understood was the word “Sorry”. I discovered the song on YouTube and was really fascinated with it. I showed my friends the song and we were really fascinated with it since it was so catchy. We had discovered “Nobody” and “Tell Me” previously so we were quite interested in these songs that had repetitive words.

While watching the music video, we were honestly also laughing at ourselves quite a bit because we couldn’t distinguish one member from another (aside from dear Shindong). We also found it weird that there were so many of them. But it became our goal that day to pick one member for ourselves so we could claim early ‘dibs’ from each other even if we couldn’t tell them apart. I had been assigned to this guy (against my will because at this time I didn’t think they were that attractive so I couldn’t pick anyone) who supposedly resembles my boyfriend (he really doesn’t so don’t be jealous. :) ), and my friend picked the guy who sings the word Shawty at the end. Wanting to attach a name to their faces, I quickly searched “Super Junior” on Google and came up with this page with the members’ profile (i think it was called annacircles) and a picture for each member. We were still laughing at ourselves at this time because to us, their faces seemed really similar and we really couldn’t distinguish one member from another. Also, their pictures seemed different from the music video so we couldn’t match them up. We searched online for a copy of the lyrics of “Sorry, Sorry” with who was singing what part, together with the page with the members profile. I had learned I had been assigned to Donghae but at this time, I told my friend I didn’t want this ‘Donghae’ because he didn’t seem my type. (The angle was weird and doesn’t really look like Donghae or that was what I thought then.) But I couldn’t pick anyone else so I ended up changing who I wanted and then ended up not claiming ‘dibs’ on anyone.

Determined to claim dibs on someone and also since I felt I was so racist since I couldn’t tell them apart thus meaning I thought all Koreans looked alike, I researched some more about each member and also watched more music videos and videos. I didn’t learn a lot and I actually kept switching from one member to another with the few videos and pictures I saw since I wasn’t really that interested. I think I became interested in Ryeowook and Sungmin and Kyuhyun. So for a few days I would keep telling my friend, “I claim dibs on this member! Oh wait, no this member! No wait back to this member!” I was actually quite interested in Kyuhyun but my friend had already claimed dibs on him. I wanted another person for myself and thus ended up with Sungmin.

As I watched more and more videos, trying to learn how to distinguish the members from each other, I learned more than just telling these boys apart. I learned how to distinguish the members from each other but I also learned more about their personality. It just struck me how adorable they all were and how sincere they all seemed. I loved the atmosphere they created on shows, and they were all so funny and witty. Also, on shows, they seemed more handsome. :) So after a few days, I was not only hooked to their song, I had become hooked with this group unintentionally. I had also permanently switched to one member, the member who was originally meant for me, Lee Donghae.

As I previously mentioned, I wasn’t attracted to him at first, and even the description of him in that website didn’t match me so well. However, learning what he’s like in the shows, I found myself really liking him.

I love how hardworking and humble he still is, even if it’s already been 4 years since his debut. I love how he’s so sweet and innocent, but at the same mischievous and playful. I love how deep and mature he can get, and how child-like and stubborn he can get. I love how he shows his love for his Super Junior brothers by doing little things like calling them a lot even if he’s in another country. I love how when he’s really happy, he smiles with his mouth open like a dinosaur. I love how he consciously does fanservice by doing something with his partner (Eunhae <3). I love how he unconsciously does fanservice by doing something with his partner. I love how he cares so much for his fans, and goes the extra mile to make them happy. (but I’m jealous, Donghae-shii! please let me experience your love as well. wo shi ni de bao bei!) I love how he’s just so easy to love, and he easily loves us his fans. (Donghae-shii! Even if you don’t know us, and we don’t know you as well as we want to… thank you for your smile that gives us strength~ Donghae-shii has suffered so much but can still smile… It is truly inspiring. Oppa… please don’t be sad anymore, we’re still here. Please don’t feel lonely and feel our love for you and for the whole Super Junior family! All 15 of you! Times may be hard and we will never understand the hardships you are going through but please don’t look down on us! Even if all we can give is words of encouragement… Oppa! We’re trying hard to let you see that we are here for you, even if it is just in spirit.) I love many things about him. :)

(But I don’t want to say that I’m truly in love with him, because I don’t think you can have true love with a person just by watching videos…you’d have to really be with that person and get to know him face to face…besides…I have a bf, although things haven’t been going too well on my side since before I discovered SuJu…ah sorry…depressing…moving on~)

I can say after around 4 days of indecisiveness and member hopping, around 8 weeks of decisiveness and a kazillion youtube videos and photos that I’m not changing my favourite member anymore. (Saranghaeyo Donghae-shii! <3)

Getting addicted to this unique group and watching more and more videos, every day they were becoming more and more handsome to me. Thinking back to those days, I just want to kick myself. How could I think they weren’t very attractive then? There must have been something SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY x999999 wrong with me. :p

Learning about this group, starting with their most famous song, to learning about their personalities, to discovering everything that had happened to them the past 3 years I had not known them, I now have a totally different feeling towards them. Now, if asked what I think about Super Junior and who I like the most, I can answer confidently.

Hi! I’m an E.L.F. Super Junior Family’s everlasting friend~

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