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MyHAEverything’s Fanaccount!!! I tend to type a lot of ellipses so please forgive me in advance.

Youtube: carauy
Pictures: I only have one pic during the show before changing to completely video

Fellow ELF’s Note: Sorry if you guys might be jealous… Or if I sound like I’m trying to make you jealous… but please understand that while I write this… I am only human… And of course these are my observations so they tend towards what happened to me… I don’t mean to sound snobby. So… please read this with love for your fellow ELF and for Super Junior.

Warning: Might be Donghae-biased since I’m Donghae biased and actually spent most of my time looking for him… But I noticed some others things besides Donghae too although I missed a lot because as I said I was trying to look for him. But once you’re there… I’m sure I’m not the only one… but you tend to get confused as to who you should look at. I wanted to look at Donghae… but you know… when Siwon, Sungmin, Yesung, and Heechul are right in front of your eyes… less than 5 meters from you… You really change biases DURING the concert somehow… If you want have a perfect smile, one the first things that you need to do a get a wisdom teeth removal.

Oh! And I support Zhou Mi and Henry!!! SJ as 13 SJ Family as 15!!! But truthfully… I consider Zhou Mi and Henry as part of SJ already and I think the boys do to. Don’t bash me please… I think I understand where Only13 are coming from… but… I want to support Zhou Mi and Henry as individual people too… and because SJ can only give love to these two… So do I.


Patron/SVIP Standing (Standing Area: Left and Right), Lower Box/ SVIP Seated ( First Seated Area), Upper Box A?B? (Next areas to Lower Box before), Gen Ad (farthest area) [If I say Left or Right] I’m talking from the point of view of the audience.

Main Stage: The one furthest back

Front Center Stage: Nearest the Audience

Uhm… I’ll attach a picture although you might not understand as much… Sorry… There are better pics out there so… yeah… Was only using my cellphone…

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By myhaeverything, shot with 5800 Xpres at 2010-04-10

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By myhaeverything at 2010-04-10

Pre-SS2 (You may skip this part) I’ll start with pre-ss2. I waited for my friend at the mall next to the coliseum. We left around 5:15PM because we didn’t think to come to early since we got reserved seats. We left the mall and waited outside the coliseum which had really bad lines. Actually, there were no lines at all, just a crowd of people but we only waited for a short while so it was ok. They checked our bags and I brought this blue stuffed toy which they confiscated… T__T Oh well… whatever… They were also confiscating food and drinks. So my friend and I entered the gates and there was this other line… so we lined up thinking that we had too and it turns out that was the line for the standing people… stupid security guard… I spoke in Tagalog… If he couldn’t speak in English… I thought I made it clear I was Filipino. I had asked if this was the line for lower box and all he said in broken english was “This. Area. All Area.” and he was obviously Filipino. So turns out we could have gone straight to the doors that led us to our seats… While looking for our door, we got lost. We went all the way to the end and realized that was not our door. We thought that our door was the door to the patron area so we accidentally skipped it. It was quite funny… (Sorry to the patron goes… you were luckier I think) because there was no line for our door and we just asked the doorman…is this our area, he said yes and let us in. I just ran inside but according to my friend… the faces of the people behind us in the loooong line for patron was quite funny because they had faces with a mixture of anger, shock, and jealousy. I think they were luckier because Donghae interacted with them more T.T And it seemed fun! They had giant water guns totally soaking the boys to the bone at the end!!! Ack! Spoiler! Sorry!)

So we got to our seats which was the last row of the lower box, furthest left facing the stage which was right next to the railings, and to the right of the center seated area so I got a really really good view of the front stage. (The part of the stage where EunHae dances Beautiful). I got to take pictures of the Super Show 2 logo on the screen and truthfully no one seemed to care so everyone was taking pictures. DSLRs even. I got to meet the unnie I met online and even got to talk a bit to the people on my row. There was an Eunhyuk fan, a Siwon fan, a Donghae fan (me), a Kyuhyun fan (my friend), the girl next to us was a Yesung fan so she was really lucky because he was always, as in always in front of us, and then a Donghae+Henry fan.

We were a bit upset because a lot of the lower box seats were still empty at around 6.30 when everyone was supposed to be in their seats already. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to give them a full house (which was true), but later on in the concert we noticed it filled up mostly somehow so I guess it was okay. Not everyone had light sticks but I can still say that the Pearl Sapphire Blue Sea is… totally awesome and beautiful.

Skipping to right before the show started. It was funny because fans kept cheering every time an advertisement would come out. But the lights were still on so it was obviously not starting yet. The show started a few minutes late… but as soon as the lights turned off… everyone started screaming… everyone took out their phones/cameras so expect thousands of fancams. I’m serious. I’m not kidding about the number… or maybe I am but don’t be surprised if it really reached a thousand.

SS2 (Might have missed some songs or taken them out because I don’t remember anything from there):

I honestly can’t remember the line up anymore… So I’ll just look at it from my tracklist. Ok? Sorry… [Edit] Oh wait! Someone posted the lineup So I’ll just cut and paste for you although I’m not sure if the lineup is accurate.

Show starts with the video and everyone is screaming for everyone and most especially Kangin! I think people were expecting him to perform. Man in Love! Donghae pops oh so far from me T.T He appeared on the left side of that gigantic stage. But in front of me was Yesung in all his cool and mysterious glory. Ok. Just so I won’t have to repeat myself multiple times I’ll say that the first thing I noticed about them is that… OMG They’re really thinner in the flesh!!! Couldn’t tell how tall they were because I was higher than them. And their skin… OMG… Their skiiiiinnnn… It’s might because of the make-up… Sure… but they’re really smoothed skin. Really really smoothed skin. And they looked so beautiful and quite feminine and I mean this in a good way. They were so… handsomely beautiful. I was trying so hard to pay attention to Donghae that I didn’t realize that Ryeowook appeared from audience on our side!!! Around 3 sections from us!!! There were stairs connecting the Lower Box area there and the stage. Same goes with the right side. I think another member also appeared from the audience on the left side but I can’t remember who it was… Sorry!!!

So they started Man in Love and I swear that when you’re there you really can’t complete register everything. OMG Dance movies are real!!! I couldn’t complete register than Donghae was doing his normal smooth dances. It was real! Just like on TV! But on TV it looks like magic like ‘how can you do this?!’ but seeing it live… it just blows you away that it isn’t magic and it can be done. Donghae’s really good at dancing! And he was quite hyper too! But it seems some of the members were conserving their energy… some of them seemed sick. Our poor boys T.T

U… I remember the fans were really hyper for this song. Heechul threw his white fan to standing left!!!

She Wants It:

I couldn’t see… Might be because lights were blocking…or I just couldn’t find him… but I saw on the screen that Sungmin had started his part not by standing but by lying on his side. Really sexy~! Leeteuk entered with a black umbrella!

It’s You (Remix):

I tried to pay special attention to Donghae because I love the taking of jacket part. During the part where a few of the members are in front of the others. He didn’t do the hip thrust but just the punching in the air move. Sorry. I have to mention this. I wanted him to hip thrust. Every time they would do the hip thrust move… the fans would scream. When they took of their jackets… it wasn’t like the usual I think… less energetic and more of in a ‘cool’ way.


They greeted us with Filipino words! Such as Mabuhay! (trans: To Live! It’s a form of greeting… not like Fighting or Jia Yo)

Can’t remember the order but I shall do it by age…

Leeteuk: He did a little dance… just check the fancams

Heechul: He tried to lead us into saying the Milky skin thing… but the fans had a hard time and just said Heechul loudly.

Yesung: Total dork and everyone loves him for it. He did this b-boy move for his intro and I didn’t see but it seems like he ended up hurting himself because he’s not a boy. Don’t worry. It wasn’t serious.

Shindong: I love Shindong! He really prepares! He counted 1 to 10 in Tagalog! Then he took out a folded sheet of paper! Aha! Cheater! :p And said “Ano ba yan?” to which everyone screamed at. “Ano ba yan” means “Like Whut?” It’s an expression. Leeteuk also said “Ano ba yan?”

Sungmin: He did martial arts again and Yesung tried to also. Probably to make up for his little mistake a while ago XD Dork~ <3

Eunhyuk: I’m sorry… I… can not remember… I do remember some EunHae interaction before the introduction of someone… :p

Siwon: He greeted in English! Although truthfully it’s a bit hard to understand because of all the screams and the heavy accent but he tried to lead us into saying something, I say “something” you say “Jesus!” so we did!!!

Donghae: Donghae ran around the stage. As in… He ran around the WHOLE stage! They’re positioned at the main center stage right? He ran from there to the left to the center then to the right! The members were laughing at him. He was really hyper during most of the show.

Ryeowook: I can not remember Wookie’s intro T.T He was kinda my fav during the concert since he was so adorable and oh so near me!!! We made eye contact multiple times. :) Too bad I didn’t have a sign for him… but he looked at our area because the unnie in front of me had Ryeowook’s FC’s sign. They yellow one.

Kyuhyun: He did a moonwalk for his intro again! And someone kicked him.

There were english translations on the screen about how they were glad to have come and such but I doubt it’s accurate. And truthfully I didn’t may much attention to the screen cuz I was so focused on seeing them on the flesh. Had a lot of time to watch them on my computer screen you see… So I really missed a lot. Thank God for the incoming tsunami of fancams. Then Leeteuk introduced the next song, Angela.


Leeteuk would lead us into the ELFs fanchant, the “Kim Ryewook, Saranghaeyo Kim Ryeowook…. Sa-rang-hae-yo Kim Rye-wook”. He did it for a while until later on were doing it ourselves. Donghae had his own video camera and was taking videos of the members singing. Later on during Donghae’s turn, Shindong took a video of Donghae, and Donghae was also lying down on his side at the stage so if you looked at the screen you would only see his back. Lol. And Eunhyuk was there~ Oh the EunHae!!! Shindong was videotaping Donghae lying down then Eunhyuk would come into the video in by bending down a little… Then Donghae would turn over and Shindong would go around him and Eunhyuk would follow~ <3 During EunSiHae part… it wasn’t SiHae or Hyukwon(?) but YeWon… XD Hae was laughing at Yesung.

Disco Drive:

Tried really hard to raise that Teukigayo picture of Donghae but not sure if he saw!… By the way… aside from the people I mentioned who were always near us on the glass stage… I also saw Ryeowook a lot and Kyuhyun on the front center stage… Ryeowook seems quite sick. T.T He was coughing a lot and not singing his parts so well T.T Actually… I’m not so sure… but I think a lot of their songs were lip-synced because some members looked unwell. Although Eunhyuk who was supposed to be unwell didn’t look so.

Baby Baby:

Sungmin was so near me! Really beautiful skin… that’s all I can say… I’ll upload a video since I thought that my place would be a total waste if I didn’t since we were sooooo near.


Truthfully… I found the girl partner sexy. My friend said no. Lol. Anyways… Ah Ryeowook also dancing so near me. I was so worried because earlier he had already been coughing a lot… but he still did so well~ Wookie! I’m so proud of you. You were my favorite in the show! The way he dances… really cute… but also really manly. Can’t really explain it. ELF will understand me right? :) Wookie is soooooooo much cuter in real life than on TV. Along with the rest of them. They were all so cute and handsome!


Of course I took a full fancam of this. Could not miss the Eunhae here. Beautiful Beautiful. Technical Problems with Donghae’s Selca part… The camera he took wasn’t working and a guy placed another camera for him but he didn’t understand I guess and so he sang to the standing right. The 2nd video cam placed for him took a video of the standing left for a few seconds before turning off and going back to Donghae. lol The platform wasn’t fast in going down so I saw Have bend down a bit as he was going down…

Forgive Me:

I took a video of this because my friend is a Kyu fan…. but because he was on the other glass stage I took a video of the screen instead. Well… back and forth. I wish he sang 7 Years of Love instead…


I wanted to take a video… and I did for a while… because Yesung was standing right in front of me and I think I had the most eye contact with him because he was always on that glass stage in front of me and so he saw us very very very clearly. But sadly… I gave up and just listened to his wonderful voice because you know… all you can see is white. Even if he was just there… couldn’t see him clearly because of the extensively bright lights.


I remember that the girls took a picture and when Leeteuk went over to the table, he made a ‘no-no’ sign. Then later on he was laughing at something and I couldn’t understand korean. I assume he was laughing about something to do with his dance partner. That was right before the fake ‘kiss’.

Sonata of Temptation:

So many people cheered for Henry! Funny because the camera man from ABS-CBN who was next to me below tapped me to ask who that was. Heechul also almost Henry but didn’t!!! Hugeeee disappointment. Heechul’s smirk because he made fans expect and then didn’t do it. lol

Don’t Don:

Hot Don’t Don!!!! Hae’s arms.. They’re…REAL!!! At first I thought… they’re not as muscular as I thought but later on when I saw him flex.. OMG… ARMS!!! They started on opposite side of the stage and since there was no middle part… they performed the rest of the dance at the front center stage.


Sorry… Don’t remember anything here except… I loved how Hae’s hair flipped around when he moved.

Time to Dance:

They seemed like they didn’t have much space to dance. It was still awesome though. Still can’t get over the fact that they’re dancing live. In videos it looks so easy but on stage you can see they really put effort to dance. I like it this way more. Although you might think, aww so it doesn’t look more awesome? But it is more awesome for me because it looks and feels real now. And they’re really good in dancing no doubt!!!

What If:

Boys started out on different sides of the stage before converging in the middle with the turning circle thing.

Sick of Love:

I’m so happy so many people were cheering for Henry!!! It was already expected that he would perform so we’re so happy! Girl from Ryeowook’s Insomnia was one of the backup dancer’s of Henry

Zhou Mi’s Solo (Edit: As Long As You’re Happy, Wang Pei Rong

OMG. First reaction. OMG THEY GAVE ZHOU MI A SOLO AND HE’S PERFORMING IT IN THE PHILIPPINES! FIRST TIME! I FEEL SO HONORED. People were going Zhou Mi! Zhou Mi!! <3 Zhou Mi was so handsome! His hair was so cool! Video didn’t do him justice. He’s hotter in real life. He looked so happy later on!

Puff the Magic Dragon:

Sungmin when he came in had kicked Shindong and I think it was a real kick because Shindong had this “Ah! You really kicked me” expression and tried to get revenge but let Sungmin fake kick again

Heechul was dancing with Shindong the Neon jaemi eobseo part he so loves from Run Devil Run

Edit: When Ryeowook entered… Ok… everyone went crazy… He was doing this slow wave dance things while entering. He was a snake. Eternal Magnae! You killed us all with your cute manlyness!!!


Ahh! Quite a success! The Heartquake project!!! Heartquake project was made for Eunhyuk since he just celebrated his birthday and so fans had this small banner just for him! I’m sorry that we didn’t get to pay much attention to Yesung who was right in front of us… I’m sorry T___T But because Eunhyuk didn’t have a solo so this was where we helped Eunhyuk fans show their love for him. Though we didn’t fill up the whole SVIP Seated… I’m 100% sure he saw it. After getting lifted up at the front center stage. When he went down… he came up again on glass stage left… then later glass stage right where all of us had one so I’m sure he saw it!!!

Who Am I:

We were singing along with Siwon! Also had Happy Birthday Siwon banners care of ForSiwon.Com!!! I’m sure he saw them too! Later on he kneeled down and said something about how Jesus died for ‘my sins and yours’ but I’m not sure if he said this during intro or during Who Am I… please look forward to the fancams instead for confirmation.

Shining Star:

Ok… once again I am upset! that Donghae is at the other side… Ahh… But Sungmin was in front of us and Heechul was near us too. Sungmin is really pretty. OK?! Really… beautiful… His smile is also beautiful… Ahhh… But I still love Donghae but for the concert I couldn’t really focus my love for him because so many distractions… and because he was always far away I couldn’t not pay attention to the member who was so close I could see the buttons of their clothes. (Actually I noticed this with Yesung)

Donghae took a red rose from a fan and was singing sweetly to the camera~ Awww!!! Jealousssyyy!!!

Blue Tomorrow:

4 Korean members on the stairs… Later on Zhou Mi is comes up behind them and to the left… and then Henry behind them on the top of the stairs to the right… Lots of focus on ZhouRy and so I’m really happy they received lots and lots of love.

Super Girl:

Everyone’s dancing and singing along!

Sorry Sorry Remix:

SIWON CHOCOLATE ABS!!! Need I say more?! And I was truthfully expecting Kangin! The Sorry Sorry Answer intro video they showed had a lot of Kangin shots so there… First thing I did when they came out was count… 10 members… but Heechul leaves then comes back later on.

Donghae seemed to be only wearing a vest (not sure if there was a tank top) and I think there was nothing inside… anyways… I saw his chest!!!


I think the members made a little mistake in dance. Well I know they did at the end because I saw Donghae laugh and wing some parts before going back to the song. This might be because they took time to do Shindong’s jump. Instead of doing in a forward line since they didn’t have space either… They did it in a sidewards line. Shindong started his run and jump from the glass stage and to the left and he had hurt himself too but it wasn’t serious.

I seriously loved Ryeowook’s hairstyle and Heechul… <3 Although Heechul had a hard time with his new haircut cuz the bangs kept covering his eyes and he couldn’t see~

Not in Chu~ but there was this part of the show where Heechul was in front of my section and he lifted his bangs and was smiling because his hair is troublesome. XD


OMG!!! Super funny Rokkugo!!! They started at the front center  stage and some of the other Chu~ members left… They then went back to center main stage where… Leeteuk and Sungmin started doing sit-ups for a long time! They facing each other Sungmin was on the left side and Leeteuk was on the right. After which, Eunhyuk joined in facing the Audience… then Shindong joined in too leaving Heechul. Heechul didn’t join in so he was the only one left singing Rokkugo… It was so funny and Heechul looked so lost~! They were also trying to call Yesung to join in but he didn’t come in.

Pajama Party:

I only remember Leeteuk dancing the Pajama party dance… Oh wait! I think Donghae and Shindong danced together. I’m not sure if it’s here but I’m sure sometime during the concert Shindong and Donghae were dancing together really happily and very hyper-ly.

Break before Encore: Things suddenly ‘ended’ and people started shouting “We Want More!” and people kept teasing us by flickering the lights on and off.

Marry You:

Leeteuk once again leads ELFs to say the fanchant “Saranghae”


Leeteuk wanted to say something… It was kinda short so I don’t think Siwon translated but Siwon spoke to Philippine fans in English. It was kinda hard to decipher as his accent was very heavy… fans screams would also make it hard to hear but it was veryyyyyyy good. He can speak english reallllly well. I kinda hoped Henry would help. Basically Siwon thanked the Philippines for their support… I think they also said they would want to come back or something to that effect. Said to wait for their 4th album which will come soon and promoted Oh My Lady. Siwon had also said in his speech that Super Junior had to keep their relationship with ELF… FOREVER.

As they were making their rounds… they shook the hands of some ELFs… Someone threw Calvin Klein boxers and Ryeowook tried to wear it and I think it was Shindong who tried to help. In the end, I think his shoes made it hard for him to do so and so he gave up. Henry picked up the underwear and wore it and walked with it for half a stage worth of their rounds before removing it.

Yesung was singing It has to be You and they were saying goodbye thank you I love you and Have literally dragged Yesung backstage by the collar. XD

Bonus + Can’t remember where stuff:

*Someone threw condoms + underwear sometime during the show… can’t remember… but according to my friend… Leeteuk was placing them in a box… I only saw Sungmin’s reaction. He took the box… looked at it and shook his head.

* Someone gave Hae these cute alien type headband with the character figures of Eunhyuk and Donghae (the anchovy and fish) and then there was a string with a hanging heart between them.

Really jealous because I was watching from afar and Hae knelt down to get close to the fans and they were trying to communicate with each other…

* Hae wore this fishy designed hat that I think a fan threw and he threw it to another fan

* Heechul was dancing and I think it was Shindong who was cheering him on. Can’t remember if he was doing Star Dance Battle move or Eunhyuk popping move… Maybe both? And I think this was during Intro (EDIT: OK now I remember after reading another fan account. Yesung was the one who did popping moves and Shindong beat boxed with him during Our Love.)

* Donghae was holding this sign next to Eunhyuk who was at our area! Yesung was also there! But I can not read korean so there… T___T but… EUNHAE! *spasms*

* There was a part when Heechul was trying to read something behind us… Or looking for something… maybe for his banner… Didn’t see the girl behind us with Heechul sign… :(

* There was also a part where Sungmin was TRYING to read the fansign behind us but I think that failed too. Note for future concert goes… Must type in BIG KOREAN CHARACTERS.

* Some fans from SVIP Standing right brought really strong water guns and totally soaked Donghae and Shindong and Leeteuk! Siwon too I think! Someone poured water over Teukie again!!! Siwon? :/ And they all were emptying their water guns on Teukie!

*I saw Donghae empty his water gun then he saw a couple of water guns at the end of the stage. Not sure if the others left it there or they were extra water guns but Donghae shook them to see if there were some left and left his water gun there and took the spare.

*Teukie led manila to say something in korean and we all followed blindly without knowing what it meant. OF COURSE! If our leader says jump! we say how high! (not like we’ll understand if he does end up saying jump XD)

* There was a part where Donghae whispered to someone… I think it was when Leeteuk was talking… but I’m pretty sure Donghae was laughing because obviously we couldn’t understand Korean. Then a member pointed out the translations that were on the screen though I doubt they’re accurate… I wouldn’t even know if they were even translations… but Donghae looked and went Ahh~

*EDIT: SHUCKS TOTALLY FORGOT TO PLACE THIS PART!!! Towards the end of the show Yesung came out with a backpack and weird glasses and totally looked like some Ninja Turtle man. XD

*EDIT AGAIN: Yeah… Please keep reading bec I forget then remember some stuff. Kyuhyun went off tune during a song and once he purposely did it for fun.

*EDIT AGAIN: Eunhyuk wore a farmer’s hat at one point and someone gave Heechul some hawaiian lai.


*EDIT AGAIN: Yesung was trying to kick stuff toys towards Eunhyuk but kept missing. Lol!

*EDIT AGAIN: Siwon threw a water bottle on stage to someone in our section. Yesung also threw stuff in our section. Donghae threw a hat…

End comments you don’t have to read:

All in all… It was truly epic! During the whole time truthfully… I would have cried if it weren’t for the fact that my brain could not register properly the fact that OMG THEY’RE IN FRONT OF ME. And maybe because seeing them… The feeling was like watching a close friend perform… I was more happy for them than for me… but of course I was happy for me too. ^^ Screamed a lot… Lost my voice… instant remedy at home: honey + chinese medicine… 31 awful fancams because although I was near… I was worried about not being able to fit all performances in my camera… also was more focused in seeing them in the flesh rather than on screen and on my camera… I think by the first song I had already screamed so much… Also good thing I didn’t bring a jacked because I was sweating from jumping screaming and from the lights. Those lights were reallly hot. Used my Eunhyuk loves Donghae towel to wipe my own sweat!!! Hahaha!!! Lots of cool pyrotechnics too! You really have to watch it more than once because one show although 3 hours long only feels like a minute. Also because you’ll be too confused as to where to focus so the 2nd time you’ll know better. :p

I’m really really happy… but truthfully quite upset too. Upset that I was far from Donghae… I wanted to devote more of my attention to him but it was hard…  I really wanted to at least make eye contact with Donghae but he seemed to look above me… I’m just hoping he at least looked in my direction and saw my fansign or me at least once. Chances are high so I’ll hold on to that hope. Maybe he did but I expected a bigger reaction and because he didn’t react as big as I wanted to maybe I didn’t notice that he saw my sign. Upset that I didn’t really get to see well even so close because I’m really short and so even if I stood up and was on a highest level in our section, it was still hard to get them to notice me. Upset that I feel like I made the other members feel less loved because it’s actually hard to focus your energy on all of them and you feel lost if you don’t have signs to support them but I guess they know that a section can’t always be full of their fans and their fans are scattered throughout the audience. Also they didn’t see my Twitter Loves @ShinsFriends and @donghae861015

But still… despite all these… really happy for other things. Sure eye contact with Yesung Sungmin and Ryeowook and I think Heechul, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, and Siwon saw me… Hahaah… But not sure about Leeteuk and Donghae T_____T Also happy because I did get to see some Eunhae and every time I did I would freak out so yeah… I’ll get over not seeing so much of donghae by looking at other people’s fancams… I saw him in the flesh bones blood arms legs hair smile… so I’m good. Hope that you didn’t get bored or plan to bash me now. Also hope you get to see the boys too!!! It’s worth it!

EDIT: Ok… After knocking some sense into myself after depressing over my lack of Donghae interaction last night… and because I read something really enlightening… (Twelfs’ Kyu Diary)… I realize that I shouldn’t be upset… I guess I didn’t pay much attention to Donghae but I’m sure he saw me even just once… and how horrible and hypocritical of me to expect the same attention as those in front of me right? Oh well… Donghae… I still love you to the ends of the earth… Although really… because of Super Show 2… My love for the other members has increased a lot!!!

I love you Leeteuk! Although in your ending bows you didn’t bow as much as the other shows… Leader would bow to us in gratitude… and I guess it’s only sinking in right now… but I love your MC powers… Listening to your voices then… Only now does it sink in.

Heechul… He’s really beautiful… Saw him so close… Ahh… He might seem cold… but he’s truly warm too… He would get stuff from the fans with so much care and attention…

Hangeng, Kangin, Kibum: Everyone misses you guys… One day… Please be 13+2 with ELF again <3

Yesung: He really gives off an aura that is quite majestic!!! Then he goes off and does something dorky. Felt intimidated looking at him especially when he’s looking right back at you… but then… he makes you laugh… Confusing feelings… Lol.

Shindong who has lots of energy~! Really playful! Hardworking even with your Tagalog cheat sheet…

Sungmin… I really thought you were so beautiful… How can you be so beautiful… I regret not giving you so much attention although you were able to shower your attention to our section… Your smile is really wonderful… Can really feel your love even though you know we’re not biased towards you…

Eunhyuk with your awesome dancing skills… just as awesome on videos as in real life and even more and with your awesome Philippine rap that I did not understand but hearing you rap then… didn’t really sink in til now but like with Leeteuk… Ahh… I heard your voices for real… Can’t believe in… not just through Sukira… Hope you were pleased with the Heartquake project… I’m sure you were… ^^

Siwon… We had a pastor that night (quoting an ELF from twitter… sorry… can’t remember who it was) Really… Siwon took the chance because the Philippines is a Catholic country to talk about Jesus… it was adorable… Even though Siwon seemed a bit sick too… Really really gave a lot of effort that night… Also spent time with our section… Must have been happy with the birthday greetings… Really caring towards fans…

Donghae… Baby… Didn’t get to see you as much as I wanted to… But I’m sure you were awesome… The few times I was able to look at you closely… Really so cute, handsome, and sexy… Perfection… Very playful… Also very real… That’s the feeling I got with all of you… True to yourselves and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Ryeowook… I was sooo worried for you the whole time… You kept coughing to the point you couldn’t sing your lines well… Thanks for giving it your best. You were so cute… You even took your banner… Really happy yes? ^^

Kyuhyun… Seems like you smiled/smirked a lot. You may have been the most popular here… I’m not sure… but I think that’s what it seemed like so I’m sure you’re really pleased… Devilish Magnae~ Also saw you so close!!! Yah! Your pimples could be seen on screen!!! XD <3

Zhou Mi: Happy Zhou Mi~!!! First Solo! Really handsome!!! Really good singing voice… Cheered a lot for all the members including you whenever you guys reached that high note. Although you too didn’t seem so well… Still reached that high note on Blue Tomorrow~ <3 I’m happy we gave you a lot of support and I’m sure you’re really happy as well!!!

Henry: Lots of love given to Zhou Mi and Henry… I’m sure you were really pleased… Really an underwear thief!!! Stole Ryeowook’s White CK boxers!!! XD Wish you talked more and gave a speech since English is your ‘talent’? lol

<3 Please bring back Super Junior here!!!

    • sarah11ann05
    • April 14th, 2010

    wow!! Super Junior really is cOoL!! You are so lucky to see sungmin so upclose,, I envy you huhuhu.. gEn ad LNG kasI ako,, ahaha,, but i brought a binocular.. really helped a lot.. anyway.. i like your blog about the concert.. ahaha.. it was fun..reading it.. sorry for my english i’m still practicing and trying to be fluent to it.. hihi..
    tnx.. hihihi..

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