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Sometimes email isn’t enough. I use Gmail and Yahoo! and they both limit how much you can send in an email. I don’t know the term for it. I’m not very techy but here is a list of some hosts I’m familiar with, along with some comments.

YouSendIt used to be the best way to send large files over the net. However, perhaps because of it’s popularity, they require you to pay now, although they have free trials. I don’t use this anymore.

Although it can go up to 5GB of file hosting, and it’s a clean site, I don’t really like it much. The last time I used it, it was quite slow. But the first time I used it was okay.

I actually like MediaFire. It’s easy to use, and they even have folders and such. Although it only goes until a 100MB.

I’ve been using this for how many years now. I like the old Photobucket. The new Photobucket doesn’t like me and takes time to recognize my uploads. What I do is choose the old uploader option. :p You can upload photos and videos on photobucket.

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