Some Tech Updates – iPhone, D90, Alarm Clocks

Fee got an iPhone a while ago :3 I got to touch it second! It was a white iPhone although he wanted a black one. There weren’t any available anymore and he couldn’t wait any longer so he just got it. It was kinda hard to text though. I guess you have to get used to it. I’m just annoyed about the useless bluetooth and the no forwarding of text messages. As well as the 3G but no video call thing.

I guess I’ll wait until a better and cheaper version comes out. :)


Nikon’s going to have a dSLR with video! The D90! This was one of the reasons I didn’t want to get an dSLR. I wanted a camera that could do video. But now that Nikon will release one… well… This would be one of my target cameras if I had the money. It’s 12MP and at around 60k. 60k is a lot of money… but for what you’re getting… It’s definitely worth it. :D


I want an alarm clock. One that is hard to turn off the alarm bec I really don’t get up in the morning. I found quite a few I’m interested in.

1. Puzzle Clock

When the alarm goes off, it ejects the puzzle pieces on top and you have to find them and place them back on the alarm clock before the alarm stops. This is my last choice bec I think the pieces would not fly off too far and it would not take much time to put the pieces back on the clock.

2. Sfera

This is my target alarm clock bec I’m located on the top bunk of a double decker bed. It seems a bit scary if I had a normal alarm clock. I might kick it off and break it so this seems like the right alarm clock for me. It also works as a radio and as a dim light bulb. You lightly shake it to set the alarm and the music will fade as you sleep. When it alarms, you have to tap it to make it go into snooze mode. BUT! It would retract higher until you can’t reach it anymore and you’d have to get up and pull it down to shut the alarm off. The radio mode works by twisting the sphere.

3. Flying Alarm Clock

This is my third choice. As the name suggests, when the alarm goes off, the sphere on top flies around the room while making sounds. You have to catch it and put it back in its base to turn off the alarm. This scares me a bit. What if the propellers hit someone in the room? I share a room with all 3 of my siblings. It would be bad if the thing lands on someone or something.

4. Clocky

This is my second choice because it sounds safer than the flying alarm clock but basically works under the same principle. When the alam goes off, the clock will roll off the stand and ‘find a spot’ for it to hide in. You’d then have to find it and turn off the alarm. It supposedly finds a different spot everyday.

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