Sem Break is Finally Here

OMGosh. I’m so relieved. My sem break is finally here. Well, I still have a paper and a presentation but I think I’m okay with those two already. Now I just have to wait for the grades of doom.

  • I wish I could get a B for Theology… It’s really funny that the difference between a C+ and a B as my final grade was like… a 3 letter grade difference in the finals. I needed an A in the finals to get a B, and a C+ to remain a C+. I think… 
  • In SA21, I got an A in my finals. Nerd. Haha! But I think I’ll still get a C+ in my final marks… possibly a B. I’m hoping it’s a B also. 
  • I can’t determine my standing in my FA classes but I’m hoping for a good grade like B to B+.
  • I’m hoping to get a C+/B in History class as well. Although I’m okay with just a C+ since my pre-finals was only a C. 
  • I’m hoping to get a C+ in Fil although I really don’t know what my current standing is. 
  • And then I’m hoping for a B+ to an A in my PE and NSTP. 

I’m aiming higher this year than my last. One of the reasons is that I think the subjects this sem are relatively easier than last year and also because the QPI requirement is higher now but that never was a problem for me and I’m hopeful it still wouldn’t be. I’m hoping to get a decent QPI though… I really want to go to Japan to study for a few weeks, maybe as a summer study program or as a study tour or something. All my siblings have gone to China for summer study/ a term and I’m the only one left who hasn’t had that kind of experience. I don’t want to study in China though so I’m hoping to get into Japan somehow. Problem is money. Japan is freakin expensive. I’m also a bit regretful I didn’t take Asian History. Maybe I would be eligible for a minor in Japanese Studies if I somehow get into a Jap language/culture program. I didn’t choose Asian History bec I knew it was harder especially those names. I’m really poor in memorizing so I opted for the easier history rather than pick the one that interests me. Maybe I’ll take Asian History some other time. Maybe.

Sembreak. First thing I’m going to do is sleep for a whole day or something. Then I need to get my license. I’m not confident in my driving skills. I don’t want a license. But I really need to get one bec my dad’s kinda old and so is my driver… I sense that in the future… I’ll be driving my family around all the time. I guess it’s not too bad but I also sense that I’d be really irritable in the future. I don’t enjoy driving.

I’m turning 19 this sem break too. My last teen year… it makes me sad. I hate my birthdays. In fact, the only thing I like about it is eating out, having cake, and getting money. But it makes me sad. I don’t want to grow up. I wish I could have stayed 16 forever.

I also need to polish up on my design skills and catch up on gaming time. I haven’t been able to touch my Spore account since…well…for a few weeks now. I also need to finish my FF8 game and start on FF9 and hopefully finish it. I also want to play a new MMORPG and I think I might play Atlantica Online Beta. I’m still downloading the client though.

Hopefully, I may also go out of town like abroad perhaps. Dad was inviting me to go to Xiamen with him. I want to take up on that offer… except my chinese is really bad. I don’t remember anything anymore.

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