Fads, Links, and Opinions

Here are some things I’ve tried out and their current status.


Friendster. It was cool at first. I even made accounts of anime characters and wrote profiles on them. Lots of people added my characters then. I also had my own personal account… but I guess I’m not really one of the popular ones, also because I opened an account much later than everyone else, but I never got to make a 2nd or 3rd personal account. Right now, I don’t think anyone uses Friendster anymore. Maybe because there were a lot of Trojans on it. As of now, my Friendster accounts still exist because I still get email from them, but I never open my accounts anymore.

Facebook. I honestly didn’t want to make one. Based on past experiences, once the fad’s done, it really is a hassle. I don’t like to make accounts I don’t use. It annoys me. However I do have a lot of them. But in the end, I gave in because Facebook was a way to connect with my cousins from Australia. At first it was a bit fun, especially the Heroes game. I got a bit addicted to that one, and I also became OC with the layout of my profile. However just a few days ago, I decided to deactivate my account. I didn’t delete it, just deactivated it.

I never had and never will have a MySpace, Hi5, or any of those other social networking sites accounts.

Plurk. I dislike the idea of Plurk. It’s a stalking machine. Why do people have to know what you are doing everyday? All the time? It’s weird. Although honestly I’ve stalked people on friendster and multiply as well… but I don’t think I’ll create a Plurk account unless I give in to peer pressure bec people keep sending me invites and I just keep on ignoring them. Twitter had the same concept but I think I liked it more than Plurk although I did not have an account there. But my mom has both.


Flickr. I have a Flickr but I don’t update it anymore. I use my… Multiply account instead. It’s Friends Only though. Or at least most of it is. At first I didn’t want to use Multiply for the same reason I gave a while ago, but I gave in because it was useful to me. Everyone posts their photos on their Multiply account and in order for me to view…well…pics of me, I have to have an account. It is also an efficient way to show people pictures I’ve taken of them.

I have a Photobucket account. In fact I have two but it’s for personal use. Although I only use one now. I created a new one because I became OC about my folders and blah, but I was too lazy to fix it.


I once had a Livejournal account under the name carauy. I stopped. I moved to Xanga under the name carauy. I stopped. I moved back to LJ under carauy. I stopped. I created a new one hirika. I stopped. I had another one called paradisiad. I stopped. I have a DEVIANTART and MULTIPLY blog. But I rarely use them. I had a paradisiad wordpress account. I think I have a hirika one too. I actually can’t say how accurate this is bec I created many accounts and lost track already. And this is my latest blog hosted by my significant other who probably never reads this bec he is too lazy.

Other accounts:

I have a lot of other accounts for many different things like forums and such across the net, but a lot of them are inactive. It makes me really sad. Maybe one of these days I’ll hunt down my accounts and delete them one by one.

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