New Macs

Small Note: I’m sabaw atm so forgive my bad grammar. No. I’m not drunk.

Oh how I love new Macs… Steve Jobs is god. What would we do without him? But somehow I don’t like the new design of the latest Macbook and Macbook Pro. They keep on looking more and more like PCs. I liked it better when every part of the computer was the same color. I especially dislike the keyboards being black while the rest of it is aluminum silver. But I guess it just takes some time getting used to. Although I still find the old iMac cute, I finally got used to the newer design bec I see one everyday at home. I definitely need time to get used to this “iMacbooks”.

I’m quite interested and sad about the new graphics card. Interested bec I wish I had one of those. Sad because my Macbook is totally outdated now. I can’t even play Spore on my Macbook bec my graphic card suxs. Fee, my bf and resident high priest of Apple in ID (Information Design) @ AdMU, was telling me before how surprised he was that Apple was focusing on gaming. He told me they didn’t care before. I told him I wasn’t surprised bec the gaming market is huge and would make them a lot of profit. But he told me that they didn’t want to focus on that market before and was wondering why they were doing so now. Something like that. Maybe they all got addicted to Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone. 

I’m also curious as to how that ‘glass trackpad’ feels like. That’s gotta be interesting. But looking at the pictures, it still looks like the old one. Fee, who stayed up for the announcements, also tells me that the whole thing is one giant button now. Not a separate button like the old Macbooks. (I’ll just use the term Macbooks for both the Macbooks and the Pros cuz I’m lazy.) I haven’t watched the Keynote yet so I’m also wondering what’s that like. I was having a hard time imagining how that worked.

But all in all… I seriously want that Macbook… actually I want the Macbook Pro… mostly for the graphics card and the multi touch trackpad. I’m having a hard time with my Macbook bec I can’t play games… (More like I can’t play Spore), and it’s so hard to do graphic work bec it keeps lagging. Well… I guess it’s also because I only have 1GB of RAM, but I want a nice graphics card in preparation for Adobe CS4.

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