Web Spring Cleaning

I think I mentioned it before but I’m really annoyed that I have so many accounts that I don’t use so I’ve been spring cleaning. I might regret it though… it’s not bad to have open accounts everywhere but… I don’t know. I feel like starting over. But usually I can’t for sentimental reasons… that’s why I’m a pack rat. I always cling on to sentimental things and cry over the littlest things. Like I remember crying before when I was little because my mom bought me a Goody hairbrush but I broke a tooth on the first day. (Not so durable is it?) I cried bec I wanted a new one bec I didn’t like imperfect things. I’ve realize that until today, I’ve had this attitude. I cry over the littlest things even if I am 18 yrs old. Like now I want to cry because I lost my mini-Cabbage Patch doll and I’m afraid it might have fallen over the cabinet and into the trash can a long time ago. I’m trying to find it now. But… I’m trying to be less sentimental even if I guess that’s really my personality. A clingy person who cries a lot. Maybe I’m trying to change because of theology. I mean, we are being taught that there are more important things than material wealth, but I can’t help but cling on to these material wealth. Although, technically I’m clinging on to the memory of the material wealth. Ahh I don’t know anymore. Anyways… I’ve deleted a lot of thing already.


I deleted my Friendster Account. I couldn’t delete the other one because I can’t remember my login info.

I deactivated my Facebook Account.

I’ve deleted my 2nd Livejournal account and kept the first one. (Actually I deleted the first one but I activated it again after a few minutes of thinking that I might regret it bec it was my first blog and holds many memories… It doesn’t delete until after 30 days thank goodness.)

I’ve deleted my Xanga account.

I deleted my WordPress.Com blog.

I can’t delete my minitokyo.net account… How sad…


I still have a lot of inactive accounts like old MMORPGs that I don’t play anymore. Some game accounts of the companies that made some of those MMORPGs. Anime sites. Etc. There are even some that only allow deactivation like Facebook. Or some that don’t allow deletion of accounts like WordPress.Com But I can’t remember them anymore. So I’ll just leave them be for now until I remember them then I’ll delete them. I know it’s in my mail but I’m just too lazy to look through them properly.

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