AdMU Random Number

Ugh. My Random Number for the 2nd Sem is absolutely horrible. I wanted a good RN pa naman sana so I could get a good Foreign Lang subject, teacher, and time slot. Well, to be fair… I’ve gotten a fair deal when it comes to RNs so far. 1st sem of both this year, and last year, my freshman year, I was in the first batch. 2nd sem of my freshman year I was in the 3rd batch. Although I missed my RN during the first sem of freshman year bec I got confused with the ETAs (Expected time of arrival).

This sem, the 2nd sem of my sophomore year, my random number is… DUN DUN DUN!!! 178!

School of Management (SOM): Wow! Ganda! First Batch Ka!

SOSocialScience (SOSS) & SOScience and Engineering (SOSE): Ok pa! Second Batch! Pag 3rd Batch kasi pangit nah.

Guys… SOHumanities (SOH) po ako. Yes, there is a Fine Arts Program in Ateneo. And no… ID does not stand for Interpretive Dance or Industrial Design or Intelligent Design or Bachelor of Foreign Affairs Majoring in I Don’t know or Bachelor of Future Apparitions Majoring in Impending Doom (I made that up :D ). I am a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Majoring in INFORMATION DESIGN student.

And going back to the topic… SOH has the least number of students…therefore 178 in SOH means… I’m in the last batch. T_T nuuu~ We all know what being in the last batch means. You get all the terror teachers, in horrible time slots, with looong breaks, with having to either wake up super early in the morning or going home late at night and perhaps even both. Good bye basic Japanese with a nice sensei. :( Good bye last chance to get a good and easy PE. And good bye other subjects I might have to choose time slots for. Say hello to early mornings, late nights, and scary teachers. T_T

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