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Super Show 2: Philippines Fanaccount (Last Edited 100411 @ 3:20PM)

MyHAEverything’s Fanaccount!!! I tend to type a lot of ellipses so please forgive me in advance.

Youtube: carauy
Pictures: I only have one pic during the show before changing to completely video

Fellow ELF’s Note: Sorry if you guys might be jealous… Or if I sound like I’m trying to make you jealous… but please understand that while I write this… I am only human… And of course these are my observations so they tend towards what happened to me… I don’t mean to sound snobby. So… please read this with love for your fellow ELF and for Super Junior.

Warning: Might be Donghae-biased since I’m Donghae biased and actually spent most of my time looking for him… But I noticed some others things besides Donghae too although I missed a lot because as I said I was trying to look for him. But once you’re there… I’m sure I’m not the only one… but you tend to get confused as to who you should look at. I wanted to look at Donghae… but you know… when Siwon, Sungmin, Yesung, and Heechul are right in front of your eyes… less than 5 meters from you… You really change biases DURING the concert somehow…

Oh! And I support Zhou Mi and Henry!!! SJ as 13 SJ Family as 15!!! But truthfully… I consider Zhou Mi and Henry as part of SJ already and I think the boys do to. Don’t bash me please… I think I understand where Only13 are coming from… but… I want to support Zhou Mi and Henry as individual people too… and because SJ can only give love to these two… So do I.


Patron/SVIP Standing (Standing Area: Left and Right), Lower Box/ SVIP Seated ( First Seated Area), Upper Box A?B? (Next areas to Lower Box before), Gen Ad (farthest area) [If I say Left or Right] I’m talking from the point of view of the audience.

Main Stage: The one furthest back

Front Center Stage: Nearest the Audience

Uhm… I’ll attach a picture although you might not understand as much… Sorry… There are better pics out there so… yeah… Was only using my cellphone…

Image Hosted by
By myhaeverything, shot with 5800 Xpres at 2010-04-10

Image Hosted by
By myhaeverything at 2010-04-10

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