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Super Show 2: Philippines Fanaccount (Last Edited 100411 @ 3:20PM)

MyHAEverything’s Fanaccount!!! I tend to type a lot of ellipses so please forgive me in advance.

Youtube: carauy
Pictures: I only have one pic during the show before changing to completely video

Fellow ELF’s Note: Sorry if you guys might be jealous… Or if I sound like I’m trying to make you jealous… but please understand that while I write this… I am only human… And of course these are my observations so they tend towards what happened to me… I don’t mean to sound snobby. So… please read this with love for your fellow ELF and for Super Junior.

Warning: Might be Donghae-biased since I’m Donghae biased and actually spent most of my time looking for him… But I noticed some others things besides Donghae too although I missed a lot because as I said I was trying to look for him. But once you’re there… I’m sure I’m not the only one… but you tend to get confused as to who you should look at. I wanted to look at Donghae… but you know… when Siwon, Sungmin, Yesung, and Heechul are right in front of your eyes… less than 5 meters from you… You really change biases DURING the concert somehow… If you want have a perfect smile, one the first things that you need to do a get a wisdom teeth removal.

Oh! And I support Zhou Mi and Henry!!! SJ as 13 SJ Family as 15!!! But truthfully… I consider Zhou Mi and Henry as part of SJ already and I think the boys do to. Don’t bash me please… I think I understand where Only13 are coming from… but… I want to support Zhou Mi and Henry as individual people too… and because SJ can only give love to these two… So do I.


Patron/SVIP Standing (Standing Area: Left and Right), Lower Box/ SVIP Seated ( First Seated Area), Upper Box A?B? (Next areas to Lower Box before), Gen Ad (farthest area) [If I say Left or Right] I’m talking from the point of view of the audience.

Main Stage: The one furthest back

Front Center Stage: Nearest the Audience

Uhm… I’ll attach a picture although you might not understand as much… Sorry… There are better pics out there so… yeah… Was only using my cellphone…

Image Hosted by
By myhaeverything, shot with 5800 Xpres at 2010-04-10

Image Hosted by
By myhaeverything at 2010-04-10

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ST(ART) HERE Sketch-a-thon


The START HERE Sketch-a-thon is a free one-day drawing event open to everyone and anyone who wants to share drawings and doodles of hope, creation and rebuilding to inspire the survivors of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

It will be on November 15 (Sunday), at The Forum, 4th Floor, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, from 10am-7pm. Please drop in at the time that’s convenient for you!

All drawings made during the event will be scanned and posted here on the blog’s online exhibit.

Also, we have invited professional artists who have agreed to taking on commissions. All money gained from that will benefit the survivors.

We hope to see you there!

Guilt-tripping Politics

I’m not interested in politics. In fact, I don’t even watch the news or even TV for that matter. Kinda weird considering I’m in a field that may lead into advertising one day. However, as we all know, the country has been placed in some sort of floating-time-freeze-kind-of-feeling due to the death of former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

I’ve been to EDSA II, but I didn’t really care about why was there. Actually, I went there because it was a ‘historic moment’ in time and I’d have some sort of bragging rights being there. But by watching the country, and perhaps even the world mourning over this one woman, is just so moving that I’m starting to care for this country, even if caring for a country, is not something I could fully comprehend or understand. I mean, how can you care for such a huge group of people you don’t even know, right? But just by watching TV, I feel like I’ve become closer to this country I’ve originally hated and actually still somewhat do (although my hatred is directed at the government and random Filipinos who dirty up the country literally). I suddenly realize how important it is to take care of your country and it’s people, even due to the selfish reason of wanting to protect and preserve your future, and the future of your family so that everyone would live a peaceful and not-so-harsh life. It’s really odd, downright annoying, and guilt-tripping that it has to take the death of a person, in order for us to realize our place in the world. I feel so guilty, that it is only during times like these, that I realize that I’m a Filipino, and that means so much more than being a person living on an island somewhere in South East Asia.

I may not have been born during the time of the Marcos regime, nor do I remember the time during Cory’s regime, but Cory presence is important to me, and will be important to all the Filipinos after me. I realized this during my philosophy teacher, PJ Mariano’s short sharing about Cory Aquino. She made me realize something that I never even thought about before – that a government isn’t all that bad, and there used to be a time where you could look up to a politician and realize how great he or she is and how helpful and important that person is to the country. I’ve always thought that all governments are corrupt, although I can’t understand why you would want to corrupt a government if you could make so much more money doing something else. Ma’am PJ said something to this effect, that it didn’t matter that Cory Aquino wasn’t the greatest president in the world, but she was really such a great symbol of sincerity, that you could actually look up to the politicians because you know they are good people.

It’s really sad, looking at the government now, and also the people (including myself), that the government is so untrustworthy, so corrupt, so self-centered that people no longer care for it. That even kids (according to Ma’am PJ) are aware that many government officials are just there to ‘steal’ money. According to Ma’am PJ, she said that she hears kids wanting to be senators because they’ll be rich that way. How sad is that? That the government, which is supposed to be a symbol of goodness, and selflessness, would corrupt kids so much that they want to be government officials because you can make a lot of money out of it?

It’s also sad, that the death of this great person, may lead in two directions, although the second one being more likely than the first. These two directions are: 1. That the government and the people will see the light, and live life trying to be better, trying to be good, and that the government will be pressured to live up to the standards Cory has set, so that the government will be good enough for its people. 2. That the government would pretend to live a life for the people, but in the end will fall back to it’s usual cycle of corruption and deceit, especially since we are getting closer to the elections.

You know, I just can’t imagine why people are so self-centered and corrupt. Don’t they get guilty, seeing all their fame and riches, and then looking at that poor, almost naked little girl on the street, knocking on windows trying to sell sampaguita? Don’t they feel any sense of remorse that because of their actions, it is most likely like their kid will be like them. Kids have a tendency to go “I wanna be like mommy!” or “I wanna be like daddy!”. Don’t they feel guilty that their kids want to be corrupt too? It’s just incomprehensible for me to think this way, although I am guilty for not really doing anything about it. I just can’t imagine stealing money without getting guilty that I’m doing it just to satisfy my selfish wants. Even if it’s to ‘steal’ money so that my kids will live an easy life, in the end, they’ll only end up being spoiled and harder to handle.

I just wanted to say these things, because I believe that it will become a reminder to myself that maybe there is still hope for this country and that I don’t have to leave because life will get better here. It will also be a reminder for me to stick to these thoughts, because as of the moment, I keep worrying about whether I’ll get a job in the future, or if I’ll be able to support myself. Life is more than just money, and I have to find that path to happiness without money being the center of it. I mean, if I can think this way, and keep thinking this way, and many more people will continue thinking this way, isn’t that good for our country? I mean, we are the future and if things go smoothly, then the future will be a bright one.

PS. Must find time to register for elections soon.

Clinique: Late Post

Sorry, I’ve only posted this now. I’ve been busy since the end of summer when this happened due to this project I’m working on for my org. During the few precious moments I have to relax, they’re usually spent catching up on lost sleep. So anyways, here’s my blog about Clinique!

I’ve been using Clinique since I was young due to my sensitivity to make-up. I need hypoallergenic make-up, and when I was young and used to ‘dress up’ a lot for different kinds of school presentations, my mom would always use Clinique. There’s really nothing like a brand you can trust, plus, their branding is really great. As an aspiring information designer, I have to say that for me, Clinique’s branding really affected me. It’s so clean and simple which is exactly what Clinique is like. It radiates purity and beauty and simplicity.

A few months ago, around the end of summer, my mom took my sister and I to a Clinique blogger event. The setup was great, and I have to say that Clinique is really consistent with their branding.

First of all, Clinique did a skin test using this interesting piece of device with slider bars to determine which of their formulas was best suited for me. I was Type 2 which I think means slightly oily. It’s such a great thing that my mom, my sister and I all got number 2s so that we can all share in that cleansing lotion!

Afterwards, we had a short ‘spa – like’ session. I felt a bit uncomfortable because I’m not used to having spa treatments but it was really nice. I felt so clean afterwards! After which, they reapplied my makeup and also did a foundation testing on my. I was a shade lighter than my sister and my mom.

I’ve been using the sample kit they gave me and it’s really great! I used it a lot when I was in Dumaguete especially since the water there does not agree with me so much (I usually just wash my face with water), it really helped clear those pimples that kept popping out. I actually haven’t tried the makeup they’ve given me since I’m not so fond of makeup. I don’t know how to put on makeup that suits me. :p I’m just waiting for a big occasion for me to use my brand new makeup!

Although honestly, I’m really kuripot/cheap so I’m not the type to buy Clinique since it’s quite expensive. However, I’d always borrow from my mom who does buy a lot of Clinique products and I think that I’d always keep coming back to Clinique because it is a brand I know and trust and it hasn’t failed me yet. :)

For pictures and information about our mother-daughter bonding time, please visit this link. A Mother’s Day Clinique Day

Kraving for Chokolate.

I can’t stop craving for it. I can’t. The girl said you’d crave for it the next day – I was craving for it in a matter of hours. What is it I’m craving for? Chocolate. Not just any chocolate… Chocolate doughnuts. Not just any doughnut… It’s Krispy Kreme’s new line, the Chocolate Karnival.

Last Saturday, my family: My mother, my two brothers, and me; went to Bonifacio High Street to attend the launching of Krispy Kreme’s new line of chocolate glazed doughnuts. There we so many people at the event! It was quite crowded, but everyone was in high spirits waiting for this ‘sin’ to fall down from the heavens.

While waiting for the unveiling of the new line, we played a few games at the carnival themed event. We played Speed Stack, which was being hosted by this young boy; Mark, my brother, played both the chocolate glazed doughnut ringtoss, as well as the chocolate pachinko. We looked in awe at the man on stilts, as well as the juggler, and the man on the unicycle. We giggled at the doughnut mascots who were so cute, and took pictures with the leaning tower of chocolate, as well as had our photo taken, complete with funny props! And right before the big moment, we watched a magician perform his street trick.

When the big moment arrived, everyone was squeezing their way inside, trying to get the first glance, or the first whiff of that awesome goodness. They had initially covered the glass which allowed you to peer into their working station. We watched as those famous doughnuts moved slowly on that conveyor belt, until it reached that climatic point wherein the chocolate glaze poured over them. The employees quickly served us the doughnuts, fresh from the oven, dripping in chocolaty wonder.

It was really really good. Honestly, I wasn’t so fond of the previous chocolate concoctions of Krispy Kreme, eg. the Valentine’s doughnuts. I really preferred their original glaze, compared to the other kinds of doughnuts. But this! This was what I was waiting for! Chocolate that tastes as good as the original glaze!

I really can’t wait to try out the other kinds as they only served us the chocolate glazed one. We were able to take home boxes of these goodies and gave some to my boyfriend’s family to enjoy. We also gave some to my grandmother, my uncle, and my aunt.


Cara's Karnival Picture


Earth Hour ’09

Vote Earth '09

Over 930 cities and towns in 80 countries,

Across 25 time zones are expected to power down for Earth Hour 2009.

You can join whether as an individual, or even as a school, organization, company – or even as a city!

What can YOU do to participate in Earth Hour 2009?

1. Register your vote with Earth Hour and join in the bid to reach 1 billion votes for Mother Earth.

Sign up here

2. Write a blog post about Earth Hour’s Vote Earth movement. The results of the election will be presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009, so help get the world talking! Tag your blog so others can join in, with tags like ‘VOTE EARTH’, ‘Earth Hour’, ‘Copenhagen’, and ‘global warming’.

3. Email your friends. Encourage them to email their friends and so on. Before you know it, you would have created a ripple of votes for Earth.

4. Twitter it. Say as much as you can about VOTE EARTH in 140 characters. In the countdown to Earth Hour, you can let others know about what you’re up to every step of the way. Make sure you include ‘#VOTEEARTH’ in all tweets so others can follow your messages.

5. On March 28, record your Earth Hour experience.Take a photo about Earth Hour and post it on their Flickr group. Make a video of the event and post it on their YouTube group. Write a live blog post during the event and tag it earthhour or voteearth. Update your Twitter status on the night and tag it #earthhour or #voteearth.

Continue for more Info about Earth Hour and about Philippine Participation: Read more

Ipanema: Gisele Bündchen Seeds Collection

For Photos: Please visit this link: PHOTOS

“I love the design. They are simple, yet elegant – good for normal wear, and even when you want to dress up a bit. The sandals are VERY comfy and VERY durable. Usually shoes and sandals wear out easily because the straps break easily, or the soles get worn out; however, the designs of the Ipanema sandals were made in such a way that the straps reach all the way to the bottom of the shoe so you’re sure they won’t break, or will be pulled out easily. The soles are easy on the feet and don’t wear out because they’re made of plastic, and according to them, the sandals are made of recycled materials so production produces as little waste as they can. They even mentioned later on that they have a pond in the center, and the water from the pond is the same as the water they use in production – it gets recycled. It is that environment friendly! Amazing!”

Details of the Walkathon

Date: March 21, 2009

Time: registration starts 3pm; walkathon starts 5pm

Assembly point: parking lot near Le Souffle, The Fort, Taguig (The Fort Strip, beside Embassy)

What awaits participants on this day:

* The first 30 persons to finish the walkathon get a free pair of Ipanema GB Seeds flip-flops of their choice

* The first 300 people to join and register on March 21 get a limited Ipanema Gisele Bundchen baller ID

* The first 100 people to register at the venue get a limited Walk the Green Mile shirt

* 10% off on Ipanema GB Seeds slippers at the Ipanema booth

* Up to 3 pairs of Ipanema GB Seeds flip flops signed by Gisele will be raffled off to participants who buy during the event

If you are interested in joining the walkathon, get in touch with Ms. Maricel Mabalot of ELRO Corporation at 753-3647 to 48 local 103 or email

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Pocketful of Kids

I’m turning 19 next week, the last of my teenager years. Sometimes I can be mature considering my age, but I’m still a child at heart and will always be.

I really love toys. I even remember when I was small, I’d always look forward to Christmas, hoping to get something new and fun to play with. I was especially jealous (to the point that I’d feel like crying but I’d hold it in because it was impolite to my gift-givers) at my younger brothers because they’d always get something interesting that I’d want to play with. Being a girl and being older, I’d always end up getting clothes. Even now, I still enjoy toys. I like stuff toys the best. But I still can’t help but get attracted to toys meant for younger kids such as sand boxes, dolls, and the like.

Last night, at the 15th floor of Strata 2000, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas; we went to the launching party of Pocketful of Kids. Pocketful of Kids is a interactive ‘toy village’ which encourages the development of toddlers and kids in different aspects of their lives. They mostly carry international brands of toys, and the best thing about the place is that it’s safe and fun!

The whole place was absolutely adorable! It was a bit small, bit it was very well designed. The place was like a mixture of a toy store and a daycare center and reminded me of tv series for kids. There was a LIBRARY where they have books from Fully Booked. At that moment, they had the Twilight Series (which was meant for the parents probably), as well as children’s books. They also had a COFFEE SHOP where you could buy pots with seeds to grow in your own home. There were also some cooking materials there that were shaped like gardening equipment. Next to the door, there was a BANK, where you could buy food and drink during your stay there. There was also a TOWN HALL nicely went with the whole little village image. There was also tree which they said was going to be interactive so the kids could talk to it. There was a THEATRE area which I think might be the dining area. And lastly, there were shelves and shelves of interesting yet affordable gifts that were sorted according to the age group they were meant for. The toys were also sorted into various categories which enhanced learning abilities such as WORD SMART, PEOPLE SMART, NUMBER SMART, etc. But aside from toys for kids, there were also toys for adults such as boards games like The Game of Life.

I really really really enjoyed the place and I think you would too. It’s a place not only for the little kids, but also for those who are still kids at heart like me. There were many people much older than me at the event, yet they acted even more kiddier than me. It was really a fun sight and site. :)

Largest Outdoor Gallery in Asia

Last Thursday, Mom invited us, my sister and I, to an event at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. It was a launch party of this project called The Manila Outdoor Gallery Art Route by the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines (OAAP). What they did is that they gathered 29 artists, and with the environment as their theme, challenged them with billboards as their canvas. (Although only 10 artists had their works on billboards, the other 19 had them on electronic billboards) These billboards can be found in the major highways in Metro Manila like EDSA, NLEX, etc.

I really like their concept! More so because I am a Fine Arts Student. Art is usually viewed as something expensive, something middle class and lower class people can not afford and can not obtain. Art is also viewed as something limited to rich people’s homes or in museums. We learned in FA101: Introduction to Aesthetics, with Fr. Rene Javellana, that art isn’t something limited to these common descriptions or definitions. In fact, art can not be defined because it is constantly changing. Art is anything and everything. Art was once viewed as only those inspired by the Classical era, but now, even scrap metal can become art! (Refer to my previous post about Ral Arrogante)

Art is available for everyone and you don’t need to go to museums to find art. Art is all around you, in the environment. You see art everyday without knowing it; from shops to furniture to advertisements… You just have to change your own definition of art. Besides, “Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.”, right?

So this project was something I considered really great. Art should be available to everyone and what better way to communicate your ideas than to showcase them on billboards which people see everyday especially when stuck in traffic? And the theme was a common but important one, environment. Traffic is a cause of stress, and is a health hazard because of all those car honking, smog, and minutes of not doing anything. The artworks then become stress relievers, as well as a way to communicate, for those on the road.

The launching was simple yet elegant. They had this cool fountain made of wine glasses with a champagne bottle pouring red liquid over the glasses. They also served a small dinner, and gave a short but concise talk about the project. There were also miniature versions of their artworks available for viewing that night, and a few of the artists were also present at the launch.

We got to meet MM Yu! I didn’t remember her name at first but my sister reminded me. We saw her artworks at the Ateneo Art Gallery before. My sister got her autograph for me and we got to take pictures with her.

We also met Kuya Az. In fact he was the only person my sister and I truly knew that night. We go way back since high school when he coordinated a drawing class workshop during one of our fairs for the Computer Club. The last time I saw him was probably… back during the time when I still cosplayed. That was probably 2-3 years ago. How time flies~

After the event, we went downstairs to go book hunting. Oh how I love bookstores! But it makes me sad also bec there are so many things I want, and my list keeps on getting longer, but I am unable to buy them bec I’m poor. There were a lot of design books I wanted to invest in and buy… but I didn’t have the money. Defeated, I sat down at Starbucks on the 3rd floor and read their magazines (specifically Meg Magazine) while waiting for my mom and sis.

UAAP Season 71

Hoorah! We’re the Champions!!! It’s really great. I even got myself a glow-in-the-dark championship shirt with the signatures of the players on them :o And I just attended the not-so-awesome giant bonfire. Not-so-awesome because the mud in Bellarmine Field was mostly ankle deep, sometimes even past the ankle. O_O Mud Mud Mud everywhere. My feet have now been given mud bath treatment or whatever you call it. Oohh! But the fireworks were absolutely fantastic especially the last one because it (exploded?) above the BellField, and it was really high and huge. It looked like it showered gold sparkles over everyone. :3

Yet despite the Championship… I’m not really happy with the aftermath of our glory. It’s just really annoying. I didn’t watch the game live and thoroughly, plus I’ve only heard talks about the game, so I don’t really know much but this is what I think. (And I’m not a die-hard fan of basketball, or the UAAP, so I don’t really know much aside from what I hear.)

I think Ateneo did a really great job this season. I heard it was a clean sweep except for that one loss and I really think Ateneo deserved the championships. But all this annoying squabbles with La Salle is seriously pissing me off. Hold on a second.

Based on what people told me about what happened during the final game, this is what I think. I really think that complaining about the referees is really useless. As my mom said in her blog, any objections towards referees should be raised before the game. Once the game starts, you are to accept the calls made by the referees. Now, we are not positively sure if the calls made during the game was due to biases, but it really annoys me because we’ve all been through this before – many times even.

Ateneo has had their share of unfair calls in the previous seasons yet I think we’ve managed to accept our defeats with dignity. It really annoys me because the trash talks this year have been rampant and severe. Just because the tables have turned against La Salle’s favor, doesn’t mean they have to bad mouth Ateneo for being immoral and stuff like that. But I’m not all against La Salle. I think Ateneo’s been really arrogant about their win as well. Maybe it’s because we haven’t won in 6 years… but I think the giant ego should be controlled. We say La Salle’s a sore loser, and although I believe so also (sorry), I don’t think it’s proper to trash talk DLSU the way people have been doing recently.

I think we won as fair as a UAAP game could be (I mean referees are humans too. They don’t see everything the camera does. Plus, I’m pretty sure everyone does something they shouldn’t during the game whether intentionally or unintentionally), but we should not bad mouth La Salle, and La Salle should accept their loss with pride and dignity because they also worked hard. It really saddens me when I heard BOTH DLSU and Zobel did not accept their trophies? awards? It honestly doesn’t make sense about the argument that they weren’t called. How could they forget about it? Why do they need to be called out anyways? Why didn’t anyone go out to check or something? Even on the premise that no one called them.

Oh. Fyi. AdMU won… in both basketball and swimming. Blue Eagles, Lady Eagles (Swimming Team), and Eaglets? ( is that what they call the junior basketball team? )

PS. Pls. don’t get offended if I don’t approve of your comment. I reserve the right not to accept it if I think it will cause a fuss (in the event someone actually comes across this little blog of mine). XD