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Restaurant Review: Secret Recipes

Before going to Tito Ral Arrogante’s place, my mom and I went to Shangrila for dinner. Located at the 4th floor of EDSA Shangrila was this restaurant place called Secret Recipes. I liked the layout of their restaurant because it was minimalist (plus they had sofas: I love sofas) so we decided to give it a try.

Now the first thing we did when we entered their restaurant was look at their cakes. They all looked really really yummy and mouthwatering. It was so hard to choose especially for someone like me who LOVES and I mean LOVEEESSS cakes (well… loves desserts more than food)! They even had fiber cakes. Or I think that’s what it was called. Even if it was a healthy cake, it still looked good. It was so quite funny because we wanted to eat dinner but were so caught up in choosing out dessert.

We didn’t order a lot bec we weren’t that hungry… except maybe hungry for cake. We ordered Caesar Salad, Fish and Chips, and two Fruit Yogurt Shakes? I think that’s what they called it. Mom had mixed fruit and I had strawberry. Their Caesar Salad was so-so. It was different from the usual caesar salads you have at perhaps Pancake House or Burgoo or CPK or those restaurants often visited. I didn’t hate it, but it tasted a bit weird for me because it was not the usual caesar salad and I wanted a normal one. It seemed a bit tangy and had little parmesan on it.

The fish and chips were also weird. The chips aka fries were okay. The tartar sauce was okay. But I really don’t understand why the fish tasted weird. I’m not sure if it’s because of the lemon or because of the fish. But still edible and so-so. Just weird tasting. In comparison, Fish and Co. would be better but then they specialize in fish and chips.

The yogurt shake, or at least my strawberry shake was very good. It was probably the best part of my meal. It was more shake than yogurt but I really liked it. It was sweet, but not diabetic-sweet (if you know what I mean), and it wasn’t fresh strawberry sour. It was…a strawberry yogurty shake. :)

Finishing our meal, my mom and I ordered cake. We ordered their fruity cake because it wasn’t too heavy. This cake really made my meal. It was really fruity, but not juicy fruity. What I mean by fruity is that it had a lot of fruits in it. But I liked the cream part the best. I think they called it custard cream and it really went well with the fruits. Not too fruity that it’s more fruit than cake, but not too much cake that the fruits are like toppings of the cake only. It was just right.

The meal prices were roughly around P180-P300 if I remember correctly. I’m not quite sure so don’t believe the price range I gave. They had soup, rice meals, pasta, salads, and I can’t remember what else they had. They didn’t have normal drinks such as Iced Tea though so you’re forced to buy some kind of shake or coffee. I remember the cakes, per slice were either P120 or P160 depending on whether you bought a cheesecake or a cake. The whole cakes would go up to a P1000+ though. Their service was good though. The waitress who served us was really friendly. She even asked us if it was our first time there and to “make yourself at home.” Plus their service was quite quick, but there weren’t a lot of us at that time.

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