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It’s not you… It’s me… Maybe? : Complaints about information unavailability

Hi blog! Miss me?

(Beginning of Rant)

Life is so hectic as usual, now that I’m in my junior year of college. At first, I didn’t really feel the whole “junior year is the worst year” thing because I’m not really in management or those usual courses so I thought it didn’t apply to us, but yeah — I haven’t really had a weekend or a night wherein I just bummed around for the past 3 weeks… or more… I no longer recall for my nights have turned to day, and the days have turned into endless nights of staying up late to work on my project which seems to take forever to finish.

I’m ranting, but there really isn’t much hatred in my words because I like my course. Really, I do, although it is a love-hate relationship thing. On one hand, its fun doing these things at first, although after working on a project for a long time, you tend to get bored with it. On the other hand, it gets really frustrating when you can make it look the way you want it to because of your lack of skill. I’m really confused with my course right now because I don’t think I’m doing too well, and I’m not really as skilled as my classmates although I’m trying to work as hard as I can, albeit I’m not doing my best. I also get really frustrated when I like a design I’ve made, and I’m satisfied with it, but everyone else thinks it suxs. I can’t seem to move forward from this point unless I start from scratch with a totally new idea.

(End of Rant)

(Start of actual reason why I made this post but still with a bit of ranting. Sorry bout that.)

So I’ve been working on redesigning a brand for my Visual Communication class. I picked my philosophy teacher’s home-based business, wherein she bakes and sells cupcakes, because her logo is horrible. (Sorry, Ma’am >.<, her cupcakes a really good though! Or so I’ve heard because I haven’t had the chance to order from her yet.) We’ve been assigned to redesign the logo, make a letterhead, business card, and place all of the above in a folder.

Now, I like making my life miserable and thinking of fun yet hard to do designs that involve things outside of my reach but within the bounds of reality. Like for example, when I redesigned my current business card for this same class, I wanted to have the letters of the text die-cut. Printers don’t die-cut for a single card, so I had to manually do it. Fee cut out one card, and I did the other, but I passed his since the cut was cleaner. It took a really long time since I chose a thick paper, and because the letters were small and were all curved. Damn my lack of foresight.

So once again, I have decided to make my life miserable by choosing a weird folder. I was looking for a folder die-line on the net and I found one and fell in love with it. It met my needs very well, but the problem is it was more complicated than a normal folder, and it had a lot of pockets. Long story short, I’ll need to print on a 27×26 inch sheet of paper, or something close to those dimensions. Now, I think it should be possible since the site where I downloaded the die-line was a printing press site, but I’m not so sure if they have it here in Manila, specifically, the printing press I go to which is Freeform Katipunan. (I should be given some kind of loyal customer discount along with the rest of my classmates since we seem to be going there every other week or something.)

(Here comes the actual topic)

Now, being the web-obsessed person that I am, I went to check online if they have a site wherein I can check what services they offer — I end up with nothing. Actually, I knew they didn’t have a website, but I was hoping nonetheless that I would find some information somewhere that would help me.

After this little bit of shallow inconvenience on my part, I realized how annoyed I was at businesses that do not have websites, or the information I’m looking for online. Maybe it’s just me being totally dependent on the world wide web for even the tiniest problem, but I really believe that all businesses should post all important information about themselves online for transparency and convenience. It’s not so hard really, and I don’t want to believe that I am the only person who thinks like this. I know the Philippines, is no U.S.A. but I think we’re advanced enough for the things I’m looking for. There are a lot of free website makers out there and even if the site is ugly, what’s more important is the information. (Although I’ll mind if the website is ugly :p)

Taking freeform for example, they’re supposed to be this good digital printing press which also offer graphic service, so I figured they would be just as technologically advanced as everyone else if not more, but they don’t have a website. Most Filipinos would create a multiply site, but freeform has nothing but some descriptions and a landline that no one was picking up when I called. I mean, I think that Freeform is more advanced than my teacher whom I’m making designs for, but even my teacher has a multiply site and a “” site! (Whatever thats for…) And it’s not only freeform I’m annoyed with but also other printing presses. I was looking for printing presses closer to home because it’s more convenient and I did find one along Wilson street which is very close to my home. However, I do not recall a printing press there because the shops along this road keep changing constantly and a lot of shops are not as prominent as others. They too did not have a website, but I was more forgiving since I figured I could just go there and ask them because it was near. I looked for an address, and I even found a google map locator for it, but I didn’t find what I was looking for which I don’t think was a lot to ask… All I was looking for was a picture of their store. I don’t think it’s that hard to take a picture of your store, and in a busy, and crowded place like Wilson street where there are a lot of buildings whose names we do not know, it would be more practical to post an image along with that locator instead of just telling us it’s located at whathisorhername building.

I don’t really know if I was asking too much, but I don’t think I was. Even with restaurants, it’s not so much of  a hassle to post your menu AND prices online right? I mean… I think there was a site for restaurants in the philippines to post their menu on…so what’s so hard about doing it right? I mean, I’ll bet that most Filipinos who have easy access to internet go online at least once a week, and I bet that these people I’ve mentioned go online at least once a week.

So now, I’m stuck with a semi-big problem because I’ll be going to freeform to have some of my stuff printed, but I’ll have to stay a bit longer than necessary as usual because I will probably need to do some last minute editing again because I’m not sure if they’ll be able to print my folder. If this is the case, I’ll probably ask them to print stickers which I will just stick to cartolina which will be what my folder will made of bec it’s the only semi-hard piece of paper I can think of which is large enough to find my folder (which even then I had to shrink).

Earth Hour ’09

Vote Earth '09

Over 930 cities and towns in 80 countries,

Across 25 time zones are expected to power down for Earth Hour 2009.

You can join whether as an individual, or even as a school, organization, company – or even as a city!

What can YOU do to participate in Earth Hour 2009?

1. Register your vote with Earth Hour and join in the bid to reach 1 billion votes for Mother Earth.

Sign up here

2. Write a blog post about Earth Hour’s Vote Earth movement. The results of the election will be presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009, so help get the world talking! Tag your blog so others can join in, with tags like ‘VOTE EARTH’, ‘Earth Hour’, ‘Copenhagen’, and ‘global warming’.

3. Email your friends. Encourage them to email their friends and so on. Before you know it, you would have created a ripple of votes for Earth.

4. Twitter it. Say as much as you can about VOTE EARTH in 140 characters. In the countdown to Earth Hour, you can let others know about what you’re up to every step of the way. Make sure you include ‘#VOTEEARTH’ in all tweets so others can follow your messages.

5. On March 28, record your Earth Hour experience.Take a photo about Earth Hour and post it on their Flickr group. Make a video of the event and post it on their YouTube group. Write a live blog post during the event and tag it earthhour or voteearth. Update your Twitter status on the night and tag it #earthhour or #voteearth.

Continue for more Info about Earth Hour and about Philippine Participation: Read more

One by One

Ahh! Sophomore is almost over! I just had a hell day! It seemed like all the harder exams (except Psych101) was done today. I have been so overwhelmed by exams these past 3 days!

I can’t do anything about my economics class anymore, now that finals is over, except pray.

I’ve been telling myself these past few days to just take it slow and do things a little at a time, finishing projects and classes on at a time with the mantra “Tick Things Off Your Checklist, One by One”.

It was actually very helpful. It’s kind of weird hypnotizing myself to become a bit calmer. I’m relaxing a bit before the last stretch.

I’ve been getting myself addicted to Pet Society in Facebook. (I revived my Facebook due to peer pressure and sheer boredom) I’m hoping to make a porch/garden room, a living room, a kitchen/dining room, a bedroom, a tech room, a bathroom, a 2nd living room/library, a 2nd bedroom, and perhaps another bathroom. It’s quite hard considering my earnings to be about 1.5k per day, which won’t even cover the wallpaper I want. I needz more moolahz!

I’m less active in Plurk, although I try to plurk at least once or twice a day.

I’m also addicted to Vocaloids and am planning to make a vocaloid blog/mp3 and video database because I’m OC like that. XD If you’re interested in helping me, please check out Bel Canto Vocaloids.

I am getting interested in PVC figurines as well. I don’t have the money to immerse myself in the hobby, but they look really nice to collect don’t they. <3 Maybe a blogger can make a post like ‘Introduction to PVC figurine collecting’ or something. I’d really like that. :3

I’ve also been reading blogs, and design blogs/feeds as well. I’m really trying to improve my creativity although I haven’t had the time to put my ‘research’ into practice yet. Soon. Because of a school project. :)

Photoshop Shortcuts Guide: Macintosh

I found this via one of the design news feeds I’m subscribed in… I can’t remember which one… Anyways… it was up for grabs so I went and downloaded CS3 and CS4.

Here you go:




I just joined plurk. Gave in and joined the horde. Lol. I really didn’t want to join because it sorta felt like stalking… or that was the excuse I gave. I just realized I have this stupid arrogant elitist pride about wanting to be different from others all the time…
But after joining Twitter first… just to get a feel of the whole stalking-ish business… well… Twitter isn’t visually pleasing… In plurk… at least you have a visual of a timeline… plus it’s easier on the comments and such…

Sheep Speakers

The other day… I bought speakers shaped like sheep for only P350~ at V-Mall (Virra Mall), Greenhills with a 6 month warranty although I highly doubt that they’ll have another pair to replace these if they break. :) I love them~ They remind me of my good friend who’s now studying in Singapore.

I named them Strawberry Milk and Vanilla Milk. They work well enough. They don’t have volume control so it’s dependent on the computer. They’re USB speakers. They have a bit of a defect – a slight static but I’m too lazy to go to GH to have them exchanged and as I mentioned before… I don’t think they have another one to replace these.



Long time no blog! Anyways… a bit of an update on my blog. I have a Shelfari account! It’s so cool! I now have a list to keep track of the anime I watch, the manga I read, and now the books I have read! I didn’t put a lot though… like the Sweet Valley books I’ve read and such… It’s just too much of a hassle. But generally I really like the interface of Shelfari. It’s a bookshelf, and it can segregate your list into books I’m planning to read, books I’m reading, books I’ve read, and favourites, I own, and a wishlist. So it’s a good thing to keep track of what I’ve read as well as to see what other people have read so I have an idea on what I might want to read/buy next. I think I might put whatever review I come up with there as well. I’ll probably just copy and paste from here though.

So if you have a shelfari account, add me if I know you personally.

The A. Shop At Podium

The first time I saw the A. Shop logo, for a moment I thought it was a clothes line honestly. I guess even if the design was supposed to be Apple-y, with a black background and Helvetica type that says the A. Shop, being surrounded by stores for clothes made me think it was no different. The exterior was supposedly Apple-y bec the doors and windows were made of glass, but all the other stores there had the same look so it didn’t stand out. The interior was something I liked though but I wasn’t completely awed by it. iStudio in GH had the same look – bright and white. Although I really liked their displays.

They had the latest Macbooks with the aluminum case as well as the new Macbook Pro. They also had a Mac Pro on display. It was really nice bec you get to try everything out w/ things you may use them for. They had a Canon S5 IS attached to a Macbook so I went to check it out since this was my dream digicam. I didn’t see the professional video camera ’til later on so I didn’t get to try that out. They had that music keyboard attached to the Mac Pro so I got to try that out. I also got to use Garage Band with a Fender Squire so that was fun.

Ooh! But the best thing about that place aside from the Fender Squire and Canon S5IS are the accessories. They have a lot. They even have car accessories and lots of funky speakers. But my favourite accessories were the designer USBs. They were sooooo cute. They even had Happy Tree Friend USBs. I’d get one… if it weren’t for the fact that I already have an 8GB USB and the ones they had were only 1GB and costs just as much.

Web Spring Cleaning

I think I mentioned it before but I’m really annoyed that I have so many accounts that I don’t use so I’ve been spring cleaning. I might regret it though… it’s not bad to have open accounts everywhere but… I don’t know. I feel like starting over. But usually I can’t for sentimental reasons… that’s why I’m a pack rat. I always cling on to sentimental things and cry over the littlest things. Like I remember crying before when I was little because my mom bought me a Goody hairbrush but I broke a tooth on the first day. (Not so durable is it?) I cried bec I wanted a new one bec I didn’t like imperfect things. I’ve realize that until today, I’ve had this attitude. I cry over the littlest things even if I am 18 yrs old. Like now I want to cry because I lost my mini-Cabbage Patch doll and I’m afraid it might have fallen over the cabinet and into the trash can a long time ago. I’m trying to find it now. But… I’m trying to be less sentimental even if I guess that’s really my personality. A clingy person who cries a lot. Maybe I’m trying to change because of theology. I mean, we are being taught that there are more important things than material wealth, but I can’t help but cling on to these material wealth. Although, technically I’m clinging on to the memory of the material wealth. Ahh I don’t know anymore. Anyways… I’ve deleted a lot of thing already.


I deleted my Friendster Account. I couldn’t delete the other one because I can’t remember my login info.

I deactivated my Facebook Account.

I’ve deleted my 2nd Livejournal account and kept the first one. (Actually I deleted the first one but I activated it again after a few minutes of thinking that I might regret it bec it was my first blog and holds many memories… It doesn’t delete until after 30 days thank goodness.)

I’ve deleted my Xanga account.

I deleted my WordPress.Com blog.

I can’t delete my account… How sad…


I still have a lot of inactive accounts like old MMORPGs that I don’t play anymore. Some game accounts of the companies that made some of those MMORPGs. Anime sites. Etc. There are even some that only allow deactivation like Facebook. Or some that don’t allow deletion of accounts like WordPress.Com But I can’t remember them anymore. So I’ll just leave them be for now until I remember them then I’ll delete them. I know it’s in my mail but I’m just too lazy to look through them properly.