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MY SJ Experience. MUST BE OPEN-MINDED TO READ!!! (For My Sj-World 404…sorta…)

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Automobiles and Me

I’ve been wondering how the interior of cars are designed. I have a feeling, it was designed with men in mind. How did I come to this, perhaps, biased conclusion? Well, it’s not really because the interior of a car doesn’t feel very feminine or anything like that, but because cars don’t seem to fit me in any way. I find that cars, and me, don’t go very well with each other.

Driving has always been quite uncomfortable for me. First of all, because I’m not too tall, and I do not have long legs, I always have to push my seat all the way forward when I drive. It was so much of a hassle when I used to drive because I was only practicing driving so we kept on switching turns — my driver and I, and thus we kept on having to adjust the seat. (I lost my student permit and haven’t had the chance to renew it for quite some time.) Second, I know it’s probably just me and maybe some other women, but I can’t seem to hit the pedals that well. (This is a very scary thought, is it not? >.<) Back when I was learning how to drive, I had a hard time pressing the clutch. Sure, I could push it all the way down, but it would require stretching my whole leg for it to reach it’s limit. Third, it was so hard to shift gears because of my seat position. Instead of the gear stick being within easy reach, my arm would have to stretch back more than necessary to shift properly. Fourth, I couldn’t turn around properly when backing up because I was too constricted by the seatbelt, also, I’m too small for the seat. Fifth, I also remember having to place a pillow under my butt so I could see over the dashboard more easily.

Actually, for me, the driver’s seat isn’t the only uncomfortable seat in the car. Even in the passenger seat, it’s so hard to have a nice ride home because of this tiny problem I encounter in the afternoons on my ride home with my boyfriend, and that is the sun visor. It’s so annoying! Maybe it is my fault for being too short or whatnot, but during the afternoons, while the sun is setting, that visor is absolutely useless for me. My boyfriend is actually quite surprised and amused that the visor is never able to protect me from the brightness of the sun except when the sun’s high up still. On a side note, it’s also so hard to get into a car if you’re wearing a dress, or when you’re wearing high heels and have to get in and out of a tall car like a CR-V or something (I’m sorry, I’m not knowledgeable with cars).

So these experiences got me wondering if I could have a car specially modified for me? I’d want a car that has taller pedals, smaller yet higher seats, and the gear stick next to wheel. (I have a friend with a van that was designed like this :) ) Also, it should have a lower visor. I wonder if they’ll ever make cars with women like me in mind?

*Please forgive my poor grammar and style of writing… I’m so sleepy atm and am a horrible writer…*

Back in Manila

So I’m back in Manila from my adventurous trip to Dumaguete City. I haven’t been doing anything since my mom has chosen to keep us at home to protect us from the H1N1 virus. I don’t really mind, it’s just a bit of a problem due to the meetings I was supposed to have, as well as a get together with Fee. Oh well, I am kinda sick due to our trip to a lake wherein I got wet and blown by really cold winds, so I guess I should stay at home bec people might think I have H1N1.

I’ve had nothing but problems since I have arrived. I found out after my nap yesterday that I had a hold order at ADMU, however it was already 9:30+pm. I had to wake up extra early today so I could call the guidance office to ask them to lift my hold order so I can enlist, under the condition that as soon as I can settle my hold order, I will. I don’t really know why I have a hold order, and oddly enough, one could still enlist despite it bec it isn’t registered on AISIS. Weird. After which, I had to run to the nearest inet cafe, because Sky Broadband chose a very ‘good’ time to die on me, 30 mins before my enlistment. I’m just glad I got all the classes I wanted. My only problem now is running from Bel to Gonzaga.
So at the moment, I’m working on my project for Tugon: Tugon’s 25th anniversary planner. I’m more or less okay with what I’ve done so far, but I seriously lack help especially under the marketing department. As of now, it’s just me, one more designer, and the over-all projects head, her assistant, and the marketing head. I’m anxious for RecWeek so I can get volunteers for my project.

I’m lagging behind my blogposts. I haven’t done my post on Clinique, and iBlog yet. I also want to blog about my trip to Dumaguete because it was loads of fun! Wait for those two, please!

Zero Displacement: Destination = Fail

It was a lovely and slightly warm day. I woke up at 10, took a bath, and ate breakfast quickly in fear of getting caught in traffic and getting left behind by our plane for Dumaguete. My brother, uncle, and I; along with both my parents, left the house at 11:30 in the morning, to arrive at the airport at around 12:45pm. We had lots of time to spare so my brother and I were chatting with our uncle from Australia about techie things.

I clearly remember sitting down at 1:05, and the stewardess at the counter said that boarding would be at 2:05 for our 2:35 flight. We decide to skip lunch because we had a late breakfast, and the promise of food at our destination was foreseen.

Our plane arrives on time, and we were more or less boarding at the specified time. Great news considering past experiences with Philippine Airlines. The plane was new (at least to me), there were overhead monitors, and there was an adorable baby in the seat behind me. Perfect! Sure, we had to wait around 20 minutes inside the plane because there was an incoming plane that was about to land.

The flight was great. There was barely any turbulence on the plane, and my brother and I enjoyed a few episodes of South Park on his iPod Touch. We were also watching this Japanese version of something that reminded us of amazing race, except it was just one couple doing random things around Tokyo.

The seatbelt light turns on, and it is announced that we’re about to land in Dumaguete. We were a little bit off schedule, probably around 20-30 mins, but it was okay since the flight was quite calm. In the near distance, I spot Apo Island and point it out to my brother. The family behind us is guessing which Negros Oriental town is below us. There are clouds but the flight is still calm.

We’re turning left and I’m wondering why we are moving away from Negros. Perhaps he’s preparing to land and we are still too high up. The odd thing was, we kept on going up, and the seatbelt light is turned off. Whuuuutttt?! The pilot announces that the winds suddenly were too strong for us to land, and we’re flying back to Manila.

Whuuutttt? Being stuck on a metal bird for 2 hours to get from Manila…to Manila. We were right there! Dumaguete… So near…yet so far…

We’re flying back to Manila worried about how the hell we’re getting back to Dumaguete since all flights are booked due to the PAL promo for monday and tues.

We fly back to Manila and the flight attendance announces that they are thankful that we choose to ride Philippine Airlines, and that they welcome us to Manila. Why do I need to be welcomed to Manila. I live here! Maybe a welcome back? The flight attendant also announces something about connecting flights…uhhh… none of us have a connecting flight from Manila to anywhere! Okay…okay…get down from the flying metal bird. Thanks for taking a road trip…uhm… sky trip via Philippine Airlines.

Where to? Oh yes…arrival area…to get our baggages… In the wrong city… They didn’t even tell us which merry-go-round will spit out our bags. The Dumaguete people then converge at the only counter within eyesight, the transfer counter. We arrived at 5+, and at 6, many people have given up rebooking their flight to the nearest date possible, or getting a flight to Bacolod or Cebu. We’re waitlisted into the Cebu flight at 8, were scheduled to be picked up by my uncle’s secretary, had to find lodging for the night, only to have to wake up early to catch the ferry. Great. I want a free hotel stay.

Later on, the girl at the counter calls the remaining stuck Dumaguete people for some good news. We’re being accomodated! Hotel? Hotel? A special flight has been scheduled for us at 6am and we are to return the next day at around 4am. Calls are made to relatives in Visayas to cancel Cebu plans, and I call mom and dad to come pick us up. It’s late, it’s traffic, and we arrive home at 8pm after some quick McDo lunch/dinner on the road.

Congratulations! You have now spent 10 hours, and how many pesos on zero displacement. Destination: Fail.

Dolphin Friends Post Deleted

Okay… so while I was adding a tag called ‘video’, because it was supposed to place my video on the sidebar under “Videos”; a fatal error occurred for some unknown reason leading to my page being cut off at that point. I had to delete that post then.


Maybe my stuff toys are mad at me because their “sleeping quarters are cramped” (they’re just piled up on my bed)

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you had an enjoyable Sunday, with lots of food, and easter egg hunts.

We never really practiced easter egg hunting in our family though. As far as I can remember, I only remember 2 instances: one with my brother’s friend’s family, and the other with our family in Dumaguete. Instead, we used to paint egg shells. :) I miss doing that!

Today (or yesterday since it’s past 12mn already), my tito and cousin came from Parañaque to pick up my siblings and I for a little get together at their house. Dad had to work, and mom stayed to watch the house. We had a little celebration in honor of one of my cousins graduating from Grade School, and also for Easter.

My tita cooked a wonderful meal consisting of pasta, pancit, and other things. We watched Face Off, and Iron Man; and my cousin gave me a copy of Adobo Magazine. It was quite fun! We rarely get to hang out together because of the distance of our homes.

I was also able to taste my first brewed coffee. It tasted different. It wasn’t horrible, just weirdly different. I took it with Bailey’s. I’ve taken coffee with Bailey’s before, but it’s usually just instant coffee. Can’t say I really liked brewed coffee… but then again maybe it’s because I didn’t put cream and sugar anymore because of the Bailey’s.


Mom went to meet up with a Freecycler yesterday and she got a Skiing pen-container: Woodcraft Construction kit thing for me.

After how many hours, and lots of fallen woodshavings later. Here’s the result of my efforts!
Final Product

The instructions on the paper were hard to follow because they only had numbers on the image which represented the holes where you were supposed to connect two parts. On top of that, the images don’t even match how the stencils were arranged.
There were no steps, and I had to constantly look at the image to figure out how to place them.


But in the end, it was fun! I’m going to place this downstairs next to the telephone after I paint it. Woah! I’m being artsy-fartsy without my Mac. :p

Light in Darkness, Darkness in Light

Phew! Earth Hour was a bit stressing. I can’t stand being bored, and being away from my computer even for an hour! I’m an internet addict.

Although, for the most part of the hour, we were eating dinner in candlelight. It was quite hard because there was only one candle in the middle of the table, and you can barely see what you’re eating. A fly could probably land on your plate without you noticing it. But still… it was quite fun! We ate chilly that night, and boy was it hotz!

Candlelight Dinner

After dinner, I was trying to remember my Taichi routine due to boredom, and because I was hoping I could burn some fat off because even if I didn’t eat much, I felt quite bloated.

After that, I borrowed mom’s iPod and played a little Sally’s Salon. Before I knew it, Earth Hour was over!

I didn’t really feel the spirit of Earth Hour last night. I was a bit upset actually because mom kept mentioning that other places were participating actively in the event, but our street still seemed well-lit. I’m not quite sure though. My basis was that when I was turning off the lights upstairs, I could see our neighbors with their lights on. (Maybe they were just late? :/)


My course is a bit demanding even if I’m “just in Fine Arts”. I once went to sit in the Juniors’ graphic design class (I’m a sophomore) and overheard the teacher asking for a client list with a minimum of 3. I assume clients means paying clients. Working students isn’t a new thing and I do know that some of the Juniors and Seniors take commissions such as photography and motion design.

I honestly think I’m not that talented… but I think I’m better than some of those other graphic designers out there and have a fighting chance at small jobs. I do want to work… it’s just that there isn’t any available for me. I’m usually busy at school, and I can’t get a hand-on job. I need an online job. :(

I almost got a job… not sure if I got it yet but I’m thinking the worst possible scenario. I’m desperate… but I’m not that desperate though. There are just a lot of things I want to buy… which are mostly wants… but to some extent… I’ve been eyeing these things for a long time.

1. New laptop – My laptop is still okay and I just bought 4GB RAM over the Christmas break as a gift to myself because I really needed it for the things I do. My laptop still isn’t enough though. I wish I could play games but my Macbook can’t handle the good ones. I want to sell this one and buy the newer aluminum Macbook.

2. A digital camera – I’ve been thinking about buying my own camera since forever. I’ve already decided to buy a good point-and-shoot instead of an dSLR because those are too expensive for me, and I’m not going into professional photography anyways. Plus, I still want it as a video camera for those random moments and I don’t want to buy a separate video camera.

3. A DSlite – Sometimes… In fact most of the time… It’s really a hassle to bring a laptop to school. You have your readings, your books, etc. Then you have your laptop. Of course you don’t want to be spending your break studying all the time and I find myself getting restless at school. Sometimes I draw… but I’m not really good at that either so it’s embarrassing because most of my blockmates are really good at it. I could read a book… but I’m not the type that can sit still for a long time at school. (At home, I’m more patient) I’m shy… and a bit of a loner… but I’m the type of loner who needs to be doing something.

4. Clothes + Shoes – I really need a new wardrobe. I want replace a lot of my clothes because they’re either something I don’t want to wear because they’re so out of style already, or they’re made for cooler weather and it’s starting to become hot already.

Anyways… in case someone nice enough to hire me miraculously finds me… Please visit my DeviantArt Account for my Portfolio.