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Many people on my YM list, including me, love putting their TTD list on their YM status. By looking at the amount of homework, and the type of work they have to do, I could guess their course.

Chemistry. Science Course. Compiling. Computer Science Course. Statistics. Management Course.

And of course [pun intended], my blockmates’ status messages.

“TTD: Book Design 0% , Postcard Design 0% , Ateneo Redesign Project 0%”

The day before the submission deadline.

Well, I may be exaggerating a bit, but I wouldn’t be far from the truth. It’s not something that one should be proud of, nor is everyone in fine arts like this. I’m just poking fun at myself for setting aside my final project for FA class for the whole week (although I was sick so I guess I have a slightly good excuse), and am now panicking to finish it before the semester ends, since I also want to redo a few of the past projects I submitted to get a better grade. Must get B+.

Keep Bleeding

Picture 2

This quote greatly describes how all my design projects, both for school and for orgs, affect me.

I made the quote into an avatar for my messenger client. :)